Web Page Reviews - 2000 - January

This month we start with some more sound and light entertainment. Then, on to the usual mish mash of hopefully enjoyable sites. Since you have driven your budget down the tubes for the Holidays, none of the sites listed here have purchasing as their main attraction. (2000-01)
HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Web Watch Guys! (2000-01)
Walt Mossberg is the Wall Street Journal's techie columnist. His weekly "Mailbox" column addresses PC users' questions. His latest and past columns are worth perusing. (2000-01)
Walt Mossberg archives  (keywords: Computers, general)
Turn your den into a laser light show with this download. Psychedelic screen saver flickers along with any sound around your PC (whether from CD, MP3, or a mike). Works with WinAmp too. (2000-01)
Like you, when microprocessor engineers get bored, they doodle. Unlike you, they do it on silicon instead of paper. Discover how creatures are created on computer chips in the Silicon Zoo. Visit the various galleries of art on chips. Call it the art of the laboratory rat. (2000-01)
Molecular Expression Galleria  (keywords: Reference, medical)
Bored with seasonal TV reruns? Watch operations as they're performed live over the web. (Requires RealPlayer, downloadable here.) (2000-01)
Y2K ready? Time magazine's digital site has info on various governments' activities towards Y2K compliance (US, Russia, China), a time line leading to the Y2K dilemma, and, of course, links to Y2K pages of the most common PC vendors' sites. Is it too late??? (2000-01)
Picked a resolution to save/invest some of your income but don't know where to start? This site may help. Several articles for novices from picking stocks and reading annual reports to the ABC's of investing in Mutual Funds, and for as little a $100. Get started! (2000-01)
Here's a sampling of quality MP3 sites for amassing a collection of tunes, some free, some for a fee. (2000-01)
MP3  (keywords: Music, general)
"The fast and easy way to find out how to do just about anything...and get the stuff you need to do it." (2000-01)
E-how  (keywords: Reference, general)
TerraServer is an online source for satellite and aerial imagery. Search, browse, and buy images, prints, and more… or just let TerraServer take you around the world! (2000-01)
Harry Potter books are all the rage for the younger literary set this season. This (unofficial) site expands on the story lines and characters of the three books thus far published. (Not recommended if you have not already read the three books.) (2000-01)
Kodak hosts this new online photo gallery. The images here constitute something well beyond the ordinary. Photos including fashion, history, portraits, and photographers' audio comments on their work. (2000-01)
You'll find everything art here. You don't need to buy or bid on an item to enjoy loads of museum and gallery listings and thousands of art images, along with 30,000 (!) links to art websites. (2000-01)
Artstar  (keywords: Search)
Of course, not all virus alerts that you read are real. Check here for the latest hoaxes and common misconceptions before circulating email warnings. (2000-01)
Do you know what Luhn formula or Dhrystone means? How about Intranet or Web casting? These sites will help you become technologically vocal. The second site also has an extensive guide to smiley's (emoticons). (2000-01)
Net lingo  (keywords: Reference, general)
Webopedia  (keywords: Internet, generalReference, general)
Need an R rated marriage joke? How about a PG-13 animal riddle? Here's a humor data base with jokes sorted by content, form, and the company you should be in when you tell them. (2000-01)
Computer history buffs as well as the plain curious will enjoy the Virtual Computer History Museum and the Obsolete Computer Museum. The first boasts a "Timeline of Events in Computer History" from before the 1600's and photos of Neanderthal computer parts and peripherals. (Did you know the first 'computer bug' appeared in 1945? You'll see it here!) The second allows you to get intimate with close up views and descriptions of early computers (you choose the make and model) some of which you may have in your attic. (2000-01)
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