Web Page Reviews - 2001 - September

What is new in the world of fashion? Now you can be right on top of that question by visiting Style. You will get fashion information from New York, Paris, London and Milan. You can even watch the fashion shows right on line. (2001-09)
Looking for some freebies or some really good deals? Here are a few sites that may help you find just what you are looking for. (2001-09)
Free shop  (keywords: Freebies)
Hot deal finder  (keywords: Freebies)
Do you like forums where you can find computer users helping other users? You can check out these sites: (2001-09)
Computing dot net  (keywords: Computers, general)
Are you looking for help with your computer or one on the multitudes of programs that are now in use? It can be just a click away at a number of sites on the web. (2001-09)
A site that might not come up in your search for airfares is Southwest Airlines. It will often turn up the lowest fares if you are flying to the right city. (2001-09)
Southwest Airlines  (keywords: Airline, generalTravel, general)
Are you having a problem finding an airline that will take you to that deserted island? Check out Airlines of the web for links to over 500 airlines worldwide. (2001-09)
Airlines of the Web  (keywords: Travel, general)
Here are a few sites that may offer some help to find information from the area you live to cities around the world. So if you are looking for city sites or need help to find that little British Pub the next time you are in London, you will find help at city search. (2001-09)
City Search  (keywords: Search)
How about some help finding a good restaurant the next time you are out on the road. (Detailed reviews require subscription.) (2001-09)
Zagat  (keywords: Restaurants)
Do you have questions on health or safety while you are traveling around the world? These sites may help. (2001-09)
CDC - travel  (keywords: Government, generalTravel, general)
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Are you looking for information or a definition of a medical term? Medterms will provide thousands of concise, readable definitions written by doctors. (2001-09)
Med terms  (keywords: Medical, generalReference, general)
Have you been seeing some strange thing in your back yard? I am not talking about your husband or wife. I was referring to the little animals and birds that have been around. Check out eNature and you can get a picture and information on animals that are of interest to you. Whether you are interested in birds, fish, or white tailed deer, you will find information on them. (2001-09)
Check out what is on sale at retailers nation wide at Above all, don't forget to check out the section marked "Free After Rebate". I have gotten so many things for free, I need to put an addition on my home. As soon as the rebates get here, I will be off surfing to find out who has lumber on sale. (2001-09)
Are you a collector? You may find some help full information at Collectibles Today. You will find Ashton Drake, Boyd's, Department 56, Disney, and Precious Moments items to name just a few. (2001-09)
Collectibles Today  (keywords: Hobbies, general)
Do you like to send cards on the internet? Well, give these sites a try and see if there is one that will have the card you want to send. (2001-09)
American Greeting  (keywords: Greeting cards, general)
Blue Mountain  (keywords: Greeting cards, general)
Now for the news from your local supermarket checkout tabloids. (2001-09)
Weekly World News  (keywords: Publications)
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