Web Page Reviews - 2000 - February

Pretend you are stuck on a virtual global freeway during rush hour. While you are waiting, what else is there to do but view license plates of the world? (2000-02)
"What Quick and Easy Guide to the Best Mutual Funds Resources on the Internet." A kick off site with links to oodles of fund related sites (fund news, education, performance, companies, periodicals… there's no end). (2000-02)
Select a mutual fund and this site presents short term and long term performance history, fund holdings, comparisons to other funds, categories, benchmarks, investment minimums, etc. Also FAQs on fund fundamentals and a large glossary of fund related terms. No salesmen here. (2000-02)
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This site of inspection professionals wants to sell a service. But the best section of this site is the "How Not To" Photos section. Some situations are amazingly stupid! (2000-02)
Star group  (keywords: Real estate, general)
"These free calculators and links to online government agencies and financial institutions present timely and useful information, providing the tools for consumers to make decisions about their finances." 'Calculators' for loans, auto leasing, currency, mortgage, insurance, conversions, CPI and inflation, savings bonds, fuel usage, even for carpeting/wallpaper/paint/drywall applications. In addition, the 'General' section supplies links to numerous nonprofit orgs (credit reporting, car pricing, weather service, NASA, miscellaneous dictionaries, life/health insurance, disease control, and toiletology). (2000-02)
Feeling creative? Construct a telescope, grow mold, generate electricity from a lemon, make a hypsometer, ignite a volcano. Hundreds more simple projects using the nicely illustrated instructions available here: Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen (2000-02)
Did you know that the Michigan secretary of state's Office sells your name and address (and who knows what else) culled from driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, titles, and personal ID cards to mass marketers and others? The only way to remove your name from their lists is by processing and opt out form (electronic form available here). (2000-02)
Michigan Secretary of State opt out  (keywords: Government, general)
This is a nondenominational site devoted to exploring religion, spirituality and morality, with sections on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. (2000-02)
Beliefnet  (keywords: Religion)
Type in some words, set some parameters, watch the results (anagrams) come in. Pretty straightforward but still fun. (2000-02)
Anagram fun  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Although anyone can call him/herself an 'expert', here you can ask a question for an expert's answer or peruse the rantings that previous question powers have given to answers to their questions. Free advice. (2000-02)
This site is devoted to running, biking, and swimming. Includes event calendars, message boards, and tools to chart your personal progress, plus weight and fat calculators. (2000-02)
Too much time on your hands and not getting enough email? Here's a list of over 40 "fun and amusing" newsletters to which to subscribe. Music history, trivia, laughs, Abby golf, health, horoscope, NFL, bizarre, time capsules, pets, investing, quotes, NASCAR, dating, Nutty Net Tutor, … (2000-02)
Is broadband for you? These sites present providers and prices of high speed Internet access in your area. View info about relative merits of DSL and cable, tips for best service, hardware descriptions, and availability to your location and costs. (2000-02)
Speed guide  (keywords: Internet, general)
DSL Reports  (keywords: Computers, generalInternet, general)
Just what it says...political cartoons from around the globe. (2000-02)
The G rated Funology site offers safe and fun information for kids of all ages. From science experiments to snacks to crafts, the site contains lots of great ideas to occupy sunny or rainy days. (2000-02)
Funology  (keywords: Humor, general)
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