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Whether sanctioned by the government or just by dedicated social groups, every day is a "national day" for something. (Even a National Grilled Cheese Day.) Here is a list, in case you feel like celebrating something. (2020-05)
National days  (keywords: CalendarsEntertainment, general)
An overwhelming amount of cuteness. (2006-02)
Cuteness  (keywords: CuriosityEntertainment, generalPhotography, galleries)
View over 500 US and international TV ads. Extensive search capability. (2006-01)
Best ads on TV  (keywords: Entertainment, generalTelevision, general)
Creative animations in shorts, TV, and commercials. (2006-01)
Animations  (keywords: Animation, generalEntertainment, general)
A newspaper's annual lists of Michigan's best recreation, entertainment, eateries, markets, culture, and more, since 2003 (2005-12)
Michigan's best  (keywords: CultureEntertainment, generalLocal, generalRecreationRestaurants)
99 rooms is a unique internet art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation, and sound in a unique manner. (2005-10)
99 Rooms  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, general)
The BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is everywhere! (2005-10)
Blue screen of death  (keywords: Entertainment, generalWindows, general)
Guess the cautionary message of each of these Far Eastern signs. (2005-05)
Far Eastern signs  (keywords: Entertainment, generalInternet, general)
Gallery of Regrettable Food - vintage cookbook covers, pictures, ads, and oddities; savory horrors from the past. (2005-05)
Gallery of Regrettable Food  (keywords: Cooking, generalEntertainment, generalFood, general)
Everything Michigan - news, sports, travel, and entertainment collected from various Michigan newspapers. (2005-05)
Everything Michigan  (keywords: Entertainment, generalSports, generalTravel, MI)
Recommendations of music, movies, concerts, and videos from a Christian point of view. (2005-02)
Jesus freak hideout  (keywords: Entertainment, generalMovies, general)
Collection of colorful "anomalous motion illusions". Look for additional illusions at links on this site. (2004-11)
Ritsumei  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Historical happenings in music, sports, politics, and world news. (2004-10)
On-this-day  (keywords: Entertainment, generalHistory, general)
Run mouse over horsemen for unique animation. (2004-05)
Neen - parade  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Liquid Man. He will follow your mouse. Right click to zoom in and out. (2004-05)
Neen - clinger  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Unless you have a date as a game show contestant, much of what is found here will prove to be trivial knowledge, but it will pass the time. (2003-12)
Amusing facts  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Nothing to do? Want to waste some time? Watch a bad movie. Reviews, lessons learned, special scenes to look for, sound and video clips, images. (2003-09)
Bad movies  (keywords: Entertainment, generalMovies, general)
Enter your date of birth and see what happened so many years ago. (2003-09)
Age Gage  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Here is the spot for trivia, puzzles, and humor. (2003-05)
Cool Quiz  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Have a little fun with your birthday. Enter the date of your birthday and find out how you stand in relation to the rest of the world. (2003-03)
Age Gage  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Everyone has experienced the dreaded Error 404 page, when you reach the dead end of a web search. But there are some very creative designers of 404 pages. The 404 Research Lab presents a very amusing view of its artistic side. Click on "Area 404" for the humorous side. Other options include 404 history, coping with 404's, and the weekly 404 selection. (2001-10)
404 Research Lab  (keywords: Entertainment, generalHumor, general)
Although these are local realtors' sites, there are many aerial photos here of S.E. Michigan area and a link to Detroit News articles, photos, and diagrams of the Tigers' new home, Comerica Park. (2000-10)
Air show - Sterling Heights  (keywords: Entertainment, generalLocal, general)
Air show - Shelby  (keywords: Entertainment, generalLocal, general)
Type in some words, set some parameters, watch the results (anagrams) come in. Pretty straightforward but still fun. (2000-02)
Anagram fun  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Listen to live radio from around the world. Search by category, station name, country, language, or USA states. Rockin' 'n rollin' in Estonia! (1999-11)
Internet radio list  (keywords: Entertainment, generalInternet, general)

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