Web Page Reviews - 2000 - March

Are you looking for a little time to just sit back and relax? Would you like to enjoy some of the art from around the world without leaving the comforts of home? These sites may be just what you are looking for. (2000-03)
Our first stop is Washington and a stop at the National Gallery of Art. The museum contains over 100,000 paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints. (2000-03)
National Gallery of Art  (keywords: Art, generalGovernment, general)
While we are in Washington, let's stop at the National Space and Air Museum. (2000-03)
Next let's head overseas. Let's see what we find at the Museum of Art in Holland. Here we will find artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn. (2000-03)
We must not forget one of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre. (2000-03)
Louvre Museum  (keywords: Art, general)
Now back to the USA and on to Houston. This museum has a very nice collection of impressionist and post impressionist works. (2000-03)
MFAH  (keywords: Museum, general)
Let's head west to Los Angeles and to the County Museum of Art. Here you find an excellent collection of American masterpieces. Don't forget that you are in the land of all those stars and glitter. So be sure to check out the film department. (2000-03)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art  (keywords: Art, general)
On our way back home let's stop in Chicago and visit the Institute of Art. Here we will find over 225,000 works of art and the most comprehensive collection of 20th century art in the world. (2000-03)
Art Institute of Chicago  (keywords: Art, general)
Let's make a stop at Frick. This is a museum with a 360 degree view of the art collection at the Chicago Institute of Art. (2000-03)
Frick  (keywords: Museum, general)
And finally we return home to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA has been open since 1883. This collection has many great pieces of art including from Diego Rivera's "Detroit Industry", a very large collection of American works of art, and many special exhibits. (2000-03)
Detroit Institute of Art  (keywords: Art, generalLocal, general)
Are you ready to take to the road in your new car? Shopping for that new vehicle is getting easier all the time. If you are looking for a GM car, check out this site. You can select a make, model, color interior and exterior, and even compare other manufacturers, as well as see what it will cost to get behind the wheel. (2000-03)
Are you looking to get out of this cold and head for a warm climate? Here are few sites that can do just that is you are able to leave on short notice. (2000-03)
Last Minute Travel  (keywords: Travel, general)
Even is you are not ready to take that well deserved trip in the next few days you can save some money on your next vacation by shopping around. I saved $30 on a car rental through this site. (2000-03)
Last Minute Travel  (keywords: Travel, general)
Now how do I pay for the trip? Let's check on our stock portfolio. You can get information on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement, insurance, and taxes all at one site. (2000-03)
Are you into stock charts? You will love this one. Chart by the month, year, or even decade. If I had only bought Intel instead of Bagels-R-Us. (2000-03)
Get the latest news about the financial world, stock tips, stock splits, which stocks are hot and which are cold. (2000-03)
Well maybe the stocks haven't been doing that well. Let's go back to surfin' the web. Maybe we can find another way to pay for a nice vacation. Have a great month. (2000-03)
How is your wallpaper? Does your wallpaper need a change? I have just the spot with thousands of different pictures: scenic, wild animals, cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, snow sports, golf, fly fishing, 3D art, religious, people, etc. What do you like? They will probably have it for you to use for your wallpaper or screen saver. (2000-03)
Web Shots  (keywords: Internet, general)
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