Web Page Reviews - 2000 - November

How is your health? Have you been feeling a little run down? Get the answers to your health questions at Med Help. This site provides its own search engine, a question and answer forum, and a support network, as well as medical and health news. (2000-11)
Med help  (keywords: Medical, general)
Buy stock without the use of a broker. Find out what companies offer direct purchase of shares through dividend reinvestment plans, $99 fee for online subscription. (2000-11)
Drip investor  (keywords: Finances, general)
Learn where the speed traps are before you start out on that long trip. Site includes both the U.S. and abroad. However, the information might not always be the most current. (2000-11)
Speed trap  (keywords: Internet, general)
Do you need to watch your sugar intake? Head for this site for a listing from 16 states for sugar free restaurants, bakeries, and stores. You will have to drive to Ohio for the closest ones to Michigan right now. (2000-11)
Will you be traveling aboard for business? This site will give you information on cultural behavior for over 21 nations. You can find out the proper way to greet an overseas guest, the best time to schedule a meeting, and what to expect when negotiating. (2000-11)
Do you find yourself renting cars at the airport? Check out this site for car rental information. You might be able to save as much as 20%. (2000-11)
Are you a crossword puzzle person? This site can link you to every possible site for crosswords, acrostics, anagrams, and cryptograms. (2000-11)
How does it work? This site provides articles, photos and diagrams that will help to explain some of the mysteries of the world, such as how does a gas turbine work or why do potatoes turn brown when cut. (2000-11)
How stuff works  (keywords: Reference, general)
Do you need some legal documents? You can do some simple documents, living wills, rental property forms, authorization form for child care. The forms are categorized so you can find what you need. Some of the documents are free. Others will run from $3.50 to $27.75. You may not want to use these forms in place of a attorney, but they may help you do a little prep work before you actually go to see an attorney. (2000-11)
Do you have some things that need repairing around the house but you just are not sure where or how to begin? Do it yourself may be just the answer. (2000-11)
Do It Yourself  (keywords: Home, repairs)
This site is not for kids. You can find over 30 interactive sports and financial games. (2000-11)
News 24 hours a day. Get world news, sports, business information, and entertainment. (2000-11)
Ananova  (keywords: Publications)
Are you looking for some new kitchen appliances such as refrigerators or dishwashers? You can get them delivered, unpacked, and even plugged in. (2000-11)
Yahoo - appliances  (keywords: Appliances, general)
How about a little trivia? How about a lot of trivia with over 10,000 bits of information. You can find information on animals, law, entertainment, history, sports, etc. (2000-11)
If you are thinking about a trip to Hawaii you can get discounts of 10% to 25% off with the AOA Gold Card. This is for activities such as air tours, dinners, scuba diving, submarine rides, horse back riding, and even car rentals. (2000-11)
Maui  (keywords: Travel, HI)
Have you run into trouble with flight delays, problems with that car rental, or difficulty when you finally got to your hotel? This site offers a discussion forum and information on consumers rights and liabilities. It will even forward your complaints directly to the individual at the travel company who can best address the problem. (2000-11)
What is that password? Do you find that you have more passwords than the last count of words in the Webster Dictionary ? There is help. You can store them all at one easy to use location. (2000-11)
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