Web Page Reviews - 2000 - December

Prevent a brawl by visiting this site first for a huge listing of links to rules for card games, board games, sports and casino games, with a special section on etiquette. From Old Maid to hockey to tiddlywinks to tug of war. They are all here. (2000-12)
Need an extra email account to help dodge spam? The Free Email Providers Guide lists more than 1300 providers around the globe with their individual option offerings. Also search for other free services, including ISPs, fax, and voice mail. (2000-12)
Free Email Provider Guide  (keywords: Internet, general)
Do you have the uncanny ability to kill even the hardiest plants? This site bills itself as the world's largest plant data base (38,000 listings). Learn how to care and feed for your new friend with tips on fertilizing, watering, and lighting. Photos abound. (2000-12)
Do you crave T.G.I.'s cheese soup? Or is Double Tree's choc chip cookies your favorite? Or maybe Outback's Cinnamon Oblivion? Make 'em yourself with the recipes found here. Never a need to go out for dinner again! (2000-12)
Top secret recipes - recipes  (keywords: Cooking, general)
Fed up with your current HMO? Here you'll find ranked lists of HMOs and traditional plans in major metropolitan areas. Ratings include specific areas, such as women's health and child care. Also find report cards for doctors, nursing homes, hospice programs and fertility clinics. Check the link for their grading methodologies. (2000-12)
Health grades  (keywords: Health, general)
You don't need an architectural degree to enjoy this collection of over 800 great buildings, from obscure historical structures to awe inspiring tourist magnets. Includes photos, architectural styles, histories, and even measurements. (2000-12)
San Francisco's Explatorium houses a collage of over 650 science and art exhibits. Among the exhibits: the first 2 web pages display several examples of optical illusions; the site displays the science of ice hockey. (2000-12)
Exploratorium - hockey  (keywords: Sports, general)
Need some help in operating a camera, phone, TV, appliance, or other device? This site will assist with product usage simulations and operating manuals for a wide range of specific product models. (2000-12)
Sweet toothed cretins can view an extensive candy bar wrapper collection, and then guess the candy bars by viewing their cross sections. And to think that someone had to eat all of this first. (2000-12)
What did we ever do without vans? The "Online Home of the Station Wagon" reminds us, with photos of over 400 models, in addition to history, trivia, and related sites. Check out the various Corvette wagons. (2000-12)
Station Wagon  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Learn the American Sign Language with the full alphabet of hand signs. Then take their quiz. (2000-12)
It's doubtful that these folks got jobs, but we can all learn what not to say with these snippets from the Resume Hall of Fame. (2000-12)
One can get pleasantly lost here with the wealth of Windows, Linux, and Macintosh information about hardware, software, driver, technical support, and tutorial information available here. (2000-12)
If you feel the urge to make an online purchase, check here first for the codes which many e-retailers distribute to customers to save some serious money. Many popular merchants listed. (2000-12)
Amazing bargains  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Protect yourself when you go e-shopping by checking this site for complaints relating to websites and online vendors. Register a complaint if you are mistreated or scammed. (2000-12)
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