Web Page Reviews - 2001 - January

Are you in need of the search engine of all search engines? All The Web claims to have over 300 million pages. So if you want to search the entire web check them out. You will find everything you need and much, much more. (2001-01)
Would you like a real person to search the web for information for you? All you need to do is ask a question and you will get a web surfer who will find the web site you are searching for. (2001-01)
Are you looking for a computer program but just don't have the $$ to spend right now? Check out Jumbo. You will find 300,000 FREE software programs ready for immediate download. (2001-01)
Jumbo  (keywords: Software, free)
This neatly organized site has a nifty release calendar that lets you know when new software is coming out and allows you to preorder titles. You can see a top 10 list of the hottest software. And you can find software sales. (2001-01)
The next time you are on vacation you may want to see how things are made. Check out factory tours for information on what you can see on the factory tours. (2001-01)
Factory tour  (keywords: Reference, general)
Do you need some information on insurance? Give these sites a try for information for insurance quotes, and even insurance company stock information. (2001-01)
Are you having a problem with a company and don't know who to turn to for help? You may find the help you are looking for at a number of different sites. Check out one of these sites: (2001-01)
The Federal Trade Commission: a great source for information to protect you online and off line. Categories include Advertising, E-commerce, Identity fraud, Senior issues, Travel, Privacy, Telephone services, Environment, etc.. (2001-01)
Better Business Bureau: At this site you can check information on a specific company, you can file a complaint, and even receive assistance in dispute resolution. (2001-01)
Better Business Bureau  (keywords: ConsumersReference, generalRetail)
Consumer World provides links to State, Local, and Federal Government Agencies, International Agencies and Organizations, Better Business Bureaus, Consumer Organizations and Professional Associations. (2001-01)
Consumer World - list of agencies  (keywords: Consumers)
Get your over the counter allergy medicine, even Claritin, at this online drug store. You get prescriptions filled as well as information regarding various medications. (2001-01)
Are you looking for information for an up coming trip for business or pleasure? Check out Digital City for information on entertainment, people, news, sports and more. (2001-01)
How about creating your own crossword puzzle? You can at: (2001-01)
Crossword Express  (keywords: Hobbies, general)
Now for the news. This is a great site for the news on the web. (2001-01)
CNN  (keywords: News, general)
How about some good news, for a change? (2001-01)
Good News Network  (keywords: News, general)
What is going on in the world of stars and other famous people? Check out the People web site for the latest gossip. (2001-01)
AOL - people  (keywords: Miscellaneous)
Do you need to look up a word, find a quick definition, or need a synonyms or antonyms? (2001-01)
Dictionary  (keywords: Dictionaries, general)
Time to brush up on your French? How about Spanish? Have you gotten am email and you just didn't know what all that German means? Check out this site to translate. (2001-01)
Systransoft  (keywords: Language, general)
Are you going to be hitting the road but you just are not sure how to get there? You can create the map and driving directions that you need to get to your destination. (2001-01)
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