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Water: How much should you drink every day? (2021-02)
How much to drink?  (keywords: Health, general)
40 gross hygiene practices from the American Old West that prove just how wild it really was. (2020-11)
Hygiene practices from Old West  (keywords: Health, generalHistory, health)
15 products that can be made from hemp, including a car. (From a "cannabis industry news" web site.) (2020-03)
Products made from hemp  (keywords: Health, generalScience, general)
Research says: Breaking wind in the nude, not such a great idea. (2019-11)
Breaking wind  (keywords: Health, general)
Wait...What? Toilet paper tablets? (7-min. video) (2019-01)
Toilet paper tablets  (keywords: Health, generalInvention)
Site offers articles and videos to inspire women (men, too) to live a more healthy and fulfilling life, covering fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and wellness to get you into your best possible shape. Perhaps start with their "ultimate guide to fitness" (search the site for it). (2017-09)
Fitness goals  (keywords: Health, general)
13 infographics to help you eat healthier. (2016-10)
Health infographics  (keywords: Health, general)
Articles about health and nutrition, with emphasis on relation to memory and thinking challenges. (2015-03)
Eat2think  (keywords: Health, general)
News and articles relating to Alzheimer's and Dementia conditions. (2015-03)
Alzheimer's weekly  (keywords: Health, general)
Experience 12 minutes in simulated Alzheimer's Dementia in this ABC video. (2015-03)
Dementia sim  (keywords: Health, general)
Techniques for staying alive in every natural environment. (2011-06)
Staying alive  (keywords: AdventureHealth, general)
Discussions and demonstrations of hand standing exercises. See "Articles". (2010-09)
Hand standing  (keywords: Health, general)
Learn more about what's in household products, potential health effects, and safety and handling. (2010-02)
Household products  (keywords: Health, generalHome, general)
How long will your foods stay safe and tasty? How best to store them? (2009-05)
Safe food  (keywords: Food, storageHealth, general)
Displays the carbon dioxide emission levels of every country in the world, and birth/death rates - all in real time. (2007-10)
Global CO2  (keywords: Health, general)
What does 200 calories look like? (2007-02)
200 Calories  (keywords: Food, generalHealth, general)
Super sized food from around the world. Hungry? (2006-05)
Super sizing  (keywords: Food, generalHealth, general)
Hundreds of fact sheets, bulletins, educational materials - lawn, garden, pests, food prep and safety, nutrition, home mgmt, financial mgmt, stain removal, fitness, dieting, much more. (2006-04)
Miss fact sheets  (keywords: Bugs, controlFood, generalHealth, generalInvesting)
Comprehensive drug information resource; search through 24,000 medications. (2006-01)
Drug info  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, reference)
Largest and most current Clinical Knowledge Base available to physicians and other healthcare professionals. (2005-06)
Consumer Health  (keywords: Health, general)
National Headache Foundation educates sufferers and professionals on causes and treatments. Select "Educational Resources". (2005-03)
National Headache Foundation  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, general)
Perform virtual knee surgery and view surgery photos. (2005-02)
Ed Heads  (keywords: Health, general)
NHLBI offers health info, publications, tools, tutorials, eating plans for various diseases and conditions. (2005-02)
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute  (keywords: Health, general)
Get ratings on Doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies throughout the country. (2003-03)
Health grades  (keywords: Health, general)
You decide whether the medical advice here is right for you. However, the Heart Point gallery provides detailed animated graphics of many complex cardiac procedures. There is also an extensive cholesterol info section, and miscellaneous food and health tips. (2002-12)
Heart Point  (keywords: Health, general)
Find out from the Harvard Medical School what you need to stay healthy. Investigate drug/drug and drug/herb interactions, your body mass and cancer risk, symptom assessment, and what to expect from various medical tests. (2001-06)
Harvard University - health  (keywords: Health, general)
This site offers to let you interact with your future self. Click on various body parts to learn what health changes to expect and how to best deal with them. Substitute "50" or "60" in the URL depending on your age group. (2001-06)
Third age - changing in the 40s  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, general)
Fed up with your current HMO? Here you'll find ranked lists of HMOs and traditional plans in major metropolitan areas. Ratings include specific areas, such as women's health and child care. Also find report cards for doctors, nursing homes, hospice programs and fertility clinics. Check the link for their grading methodologies. (2000-12)
Health grades  (keywords: Health, general)

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