Web Page Reviews - 2001 - February

Missed the EDS cat herding commercial? Want to see any of the many Budweiser WAZZUP commercials again… and again? Maybe PETA's singing cows? Then this is the site for you! Loads of domestic and international commercials, many for laughs. (Broadband connection recommended. Requires QuickTime. Download it for free.) (2001-02)
Select portions of content from a variety of your favorite Web sites and have one of these sites pull it all together in one dynamic browser page for you. Requires that you download their individual utility. (2001-02)
Snippets  (keywords: Internet, general)
All you wanted to know about monorails can be found here, including a description and photo of the world's oldest operating system. Is Detroit's People Mover really a monorail? The site's definition page explains. (2001-02)
Monorails  (keywords: Reference, generalTrains, general)
Are you blown away by volcanoes? Here you will find photos and descriptions of recent eruptions, history of volcanoes, volcanoes of other worlds, volcanic parks and monuments, a 360 degree panoramic view from Mount St. Helens, and much more. (2001-02)
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It may be cold outside, but you can still dream. And to help you out, here is someone's Hawaiian shirt collection, with over a hundred priceless images. (2001-02)
Vintage Hawaiian shirts  (keywords: Fun)
What did 615 secretaries REALLY think about Beechnut Gum in 1941? You won't know unless you visit this collection of 6 decades of printed ads. In 1949 for just a penny postcard you could receive a brochure on Ideal brand dog food… the one with soy grits! (2001-02)
Here, for your enjoyment, is a large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users. Remember when you were equally computer illiterate? (2001-02)
Rink works - stupid  (keywords: Humor, general)
Now this is different. Create your own Dancing Cow music video. Select from various video, singing, and sound effect clips, and assemble them together for a music video. Just remember, he's only an amateur.....and a cow. (Click on "in English" near the bottom of the page to get started.) (2001-02)
Got a slow day ahead? Wondering what do dull men do with their time? Dull events (snow shoveling, proofreading). Reading dull books (Cooking with Spam). Even some dull smut (corn smut, that is). Dull, dull, dull.....see for yourself. (2001-02)
Each site in About: The Human Internet is run by a professional guide who builds a comprehensive environment around each specific topic, including relevant links, how to's, forums and answers to just about any question. Just pick one. (2001-02)
Next time you need just the right word, you must experience this site: The Visual Thesaurus. Type a word, and watch related words float around the screen. Select one of them, and additional relationships fly into view. Read the instructions. (2001-02)
When bad things happen to your good name... All the identity thief needs is your SSN, your name and date of birth, and they are you. Be aware of scams and hoaxes. Be careful, cautious, and curious when releasing personal info. This site has all the info to help you protect your identity. (2001-02)
Consumer protection - ID theft  (keywords: Government, general)
Looking to try a new mp3 player for your pc? Consider Music Match Jukebox. Plays digital audio files, records tracks from CDs, organizes your tune collection, and includes built in CD burning function. (2001-02)
Useless site of the Month: The one, the only, cow dance site. You pick the tune and watch the show. Check out the cow car also. And a link to the Mr. Lizard Dance site, if you dare. Let's get mooooving! (2001-02)
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