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Links to language dictionary and translation sites, chat sites, foreign language newsgroup and newspaper sites, word games, poetry, slang and colloquialisms, and more. Make your selection in the "Take Me To:" box. (2011-11)
Word-2-word  (keywords: Dictionaries, generalGames, onlineLanguage, generalNewspapers, general)
English-German and French-German dictionary. Click "English Version" (if desired) to get started. (2006-03)
English-German dictionary  (keywords: Dictionaries, generalLanguage, general)
Dictionary of British and American English slang. (2006-02)
Slang  (keywords: Dictionaries, generalLanguage, general)
If you need to find a dictionary while on line, or if you are in need of a thesaurus, or need to translate from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, or if you just need to have help working that crossword puzzle, you can get that help at: (2002-11)
Dictionary  (keywords: Dictionaries, general)
Do you need to look up a word, find a quick definition, or need a synonyms or antonyms? (2001-01)
Dictionary  (keywords: Dictionaries, general)
Writing your thesis and misplaced your dictionary? Let Merriam Webster (the ORIGINAL Webster) help out. Dictionary and thesaurus here. (1999-04)
Merriam-Webster  (keywords: Dictionaries, general)

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