Web Page Reviews - 2001 - June

The Visible Earth is a searchable collection of images, visualizations, and animations of the Earth. Many images taken from satellites, with written descriptions to make identification easier. (2001-06)
NASA - visible earth  (keywords: Government, generalSpace, general)
These sites assist students in finding employment (summer and career). (2001-06)
Summer jobs  (keywords: Employment)
Petersons  (keywords: Education, general)
Home of the Wiley cartoons, as seen in the Washington Post (and elsewhere). Click the archives button for many years of clever humor: subjects include legal, media, business, culture, tech, medical, animals, relationships. Lots o' laughs. (2001-06)
This site is "guaranteed to fascinate your mind with pictures, quotes, interactive games, and much more." Puzzling. Baffling. Perplexing. Bewildering. Hours of entertainment. (2001-06)
Confused online  (keywords: Internet, general)
Need a new pastime? Try "squirrel fishing". This site shows you how (but not necessarily why). Includes detailed instructions and photos. (2001-06)
Karadar's Classical Music World offers 11,000 'legal and free' mp3's for downloading. Site also includes composer biographies, photos of rare scores and theaters, and song texts in original languages. (2001-06)
DIY supplies numerous how to projects with easy step by step directions, with many photos. Chat online with experts on Saturdays. What condition is YOUR lawnmower in? How are YOU going to remove that grime from the deck? (2001-06)
DIY Net  (keywords: Home, repairs)
This site offers to let you interact with your future self. Click on various body parts to learn what health changes to expect and how to best deal with them. Substitute "50" or "60" in the URL depending on your age group. (2001-06)
Third age - changing in the 40s  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, general)
Curious how much a domain name costs? How much would YOU pay for the URLs? Browse through the sale prices for dozens of names, and the asking prices for hundreds of others. You will be amazed! Get your checkbook ready. (2001-06)
Can you repeat all the lyrics of your favorite tunes? Just guessing sometimes? The Archive of Misheard Lyrics will help with over 1700 bungled lyrics. Popular miscues and the actual words. (2001-06)
Archive of misheard lyrics  (keywords: Music, general)
Watch full length concert videos of pop rock artists for free online. (2001-06)
Hot concerts  (keywords: Music, general)
Take your own picture via your PC monitor for free. Amazing new technology! (2001-06)
Monitor camera  (keywords: Photography, general)
Surf this site if you like to make "stuff". Many ideas on crafts, cooking, gardening, sewing, with various recipes, remedies, concoctions and formulas (for fertilizers, lotions, cleaners, polishes, glues, inks, preservatives) to help along the way. (2001-06)
Make stuff  (keywords: Hobbies, general)
You may enjoy the site of this photographic artist, who creates colorful and intriguing art in pictures (magazine covers, advertising, still life, fashion, etc.). (2001-06)
Howard  (keywords: Photography, general)
Useless Site of the Month: Kitka on Swiss time, God saves the Titanic, and playing Poke the Bunny. Three times the waste! (2001-06)
Platinum Grit - useless  (keywords: Useless)
Find out from the Harvard Medical School what you need to stay healthy. Investigate drug/drug and drug/herb interactions, your body mass and cancer risk, symptom assessment, and what to expect from various medical tests. (2001-06)
Harvard University - health  (keywords: Health, general)
From here link to hundreds of newspapers around the globe. See what's happening beyond your front yard. (2001-06)
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