Web Page Reviews - 2002 - April

Just purchased a new audio component (DVD, receiver, speakers...), but need help connecting it to your audio/video system? Click on 'Hook It Up' for help. Select 'Help Me Choose' for a HiFi library and dictionary, as well as help with new component selection. (2002-04)
The next time you receive an email describing a new virus, you can check here on its validity. This site is not sponsored by antivirus software companies. (2002-04)
This site provides a reasonably comprehensive list of things to do (shopping/dining/entertainment) for many cities (even small towns), including movie schedules within a twenty five mile radius. (2002-04)
My city  (keywords: Travel, general)
This site is a portal which supplies secure, easy access to government services and benefits for seniors, allowing them to conduct government business electronically. Health, retirement, education, consumer protection, tax assistance, travel and leisure, etc. (2002-04)
This site labels itself as the ultimate resource for elder abuse law, which protects seniors from physical, emotional, and financial abuse. (2002-04)
Elder abuse law  (keywords: Law, generalSeniors, general)
Click on 'How To' articles for numerous well written tutorials (with diagrams and illustrations) of house and garden repair projects (from replacing switches and removing stains to laying a brick path and building a fence). (2002-04)
The Puzzle Factory will help you pass the time with a variety of jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word searches, mazes, sliders, and tangrams. Kid friendly games are here also. No pencils required! (2002-04)
Discover historical events for any day of the year. Enter a date and choose a category (such as Automotive, Crime, Old West, Technology, and many others) for a short history lesson. (2002-04)
Think of a TV show and see if this site can guess it through simple yes/no questions. (2002-04)
Old car buffs (young car buffs, too!) will enjoy this photo collection of those old wood sided vehicles of the past. Click on Gallery for Woodie trucks and busses, phantom Woodies, international Woodies, and much more. Check out the restoration process in Shop Talk, and upcoming national exhibition events in Calendar. You could get lost in here! (2002-04)
Old Woodies  (keywords: Automotive, generalHistory, general)
Windows not cooperating with you again??? Don't waste your time on hold with its maker. This Windows Support Center site ought to be able to help you out of your latest MS desktop system jam. Articles, FAQs, How To's, registry patches, knowledge base links, and recommended freeware utilities. A gem of a site. (2002-04)
Aumha  (keywords: Software, general)
How do you stick this to that? This site will help you determine how best to join any two of eleven listed materials to each other. (2002-04)
This to that  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Head for MSN's Tips and Tricks site for professional suggestions on taking film and digital photos, scanning photos and slides, and sharing photos online and via email, along with help on choosing and using a digital camera, and a photo gallery. (2002-04)
Rearview Mirror is a Detroit News site full of old newspaper articles regarding southeast Michigan history, with photos galore. Everything from Sunday Drives to the Race Riots of '43. Don't miss the 'Click for More Photos' buttons! (The second site lists all the articles in the archives.) (2002-04)
A true appreciation for these 'Helpers of Humanity' can be gained from a visit to this site, the Traffic Cone Preservation Society. Click on the "Field Guide" for a look at this creature's various subspecies. (2002-04)
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