Web Page Reviews - 2002 - March

Questions about income taxes? This web site may help you to get yourself organized to get this task done a little easier. If you have your taxes done this site may help to get things prepared a little easier for next year's April 15. (2002-03)
In the springtime, are there some home projects that you need to get done? Do you need to get a little help? Well this site may be just what you need. If you listen to the radio you may know Glenn Haege the Master Handyman. You can get helpful information on caulking, repairing those cracks in the driveway and even dealing with water leaks. (2002-03)
Finding that item you want at the best price is not always the easiest thing to do. Here is a site that will give you product information, were to find the best price for books, computers, games, and toys and the site also has a rating of customer satisfaction for the various retailers. (2002-03)
Price Grabber  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Now you can have your own word processing for free. It installs quickly and it has a simple menu. (2002-03)
Has your local school been closed due to a storm or is the library closed because of the recent wind storm? Find cancellations online at: (2002-03)
Cancellations  (keywords: Reference, general)
If you are out on the street looking for a new job, check out this site for information on writing cover letters, tips for better interviewing, questions to ask, questions that will be asked and even how to dress. (2002-03)
If you have information on a crime you can contact WeTip. They are a nonprofit organization that has been in operation since 1972. Information can be given and you will remain completely anonymous. (2002-03)
We tip  (keywords: Crime)
At Kelly Blue Book you can find pricing for a used car for trade in value or the value of selling the vehicle yourself. (2002-03)
Kelly Blue Book  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Did you just break that bowl that belongs to the set of dishes that you got for your wedding? Now what do you do? Don't give up. Check out replacements on the web. They have over 8 million pieces of china in 160,000 different patterns. They also have silver and crystal. (2002-03)
Replacements  (keywords: Home, generalReference, general)
If you are interested in getting information from a particular area of the country or even from an area of the world, you can find a newspaper for that area. You can find papers from Alexander, Alabama to Zimbabwe, Africa. (2002-03)
Do you do crossword puzzles, or are you having a hard time finding the right word for that letter you are writing? You can find words that rhyme, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, definitions and even words that match a pattern. (2002-03)
Rhyme zone  (keywords: Reference, general)
Here is a site that will help you do many of the things you want to but did not have the information or help needed to do them. Choose a category and then a topic, such as how to shoot pool, buy a pet, or rent a tuxedo. You can also use the search feature and go to topics that may just show you how to win the next time you are at the casino. (2002-03)
Have you been taking care of your heart? The American Heart Association offer information on warning signs of heart trouble, diseases and conditions, events that are taking place in the community, and information for having a healthier life style. (2002-03)
American Heart Assoc  (keywords: CharitiesMedical, general)
Now you can have the Mayo Clinic make a house call. You can access Mayo on the web to get information regarding your health and the health of your family. There is a search engine so you can get information on specific topics. There are articles that address subjects such as children's middle ear infections, knee injuries, etc. You can even sign up for their newsletter. (2002-03)
Mayo Clinic  (keywords: Medical, general)
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