Web Page Reviews - 2004 - December

Create your own customized WinXP installation CD, complete with updated patches and updates, for quicker reinstalls. (2004-12)
Malware countermeasures - links to popular antimalware programs and easy to understand tutorials. (2004-12)
Hundreds of high quality pictures - NASA, animals, vehicles, scenery, nature, and more. (2004-12)
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Herbal Safety site clarifies benefits of herbs and warns of dangers associated with their use. (2004-12)
Disco Sauna - get up and boogie! (2004-12)
For automotive fans, click on the "magazine" option here for hundreds of 'car of the week', 'news' and 'features' articles/photos of European cars. (2004-12)
Classic Driver webzine  (keywords: Automotive, generalPhotography, general)
Dozens of sound bites from classic cartoon character performances. (2004-12)
mp3DirectCut - a free tool for editing mpeg audio directly. Remove parts, change volume, split files or copy regions to new files. (2004-12)
MP3 Direct Cut  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSounds)
Photographic history of the US Navy. (2004-12)
NavSource Online - USS Ronald Reagan  (keywords: Military, generalPhotography, general)
Sun's free productivity suite, a collection of desktop applications compatible with MSOffice, is here, with user guides. (2004-12)
Open Office Dot Org  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Collection of free colorful screensavers, and a few image galleries. (2004-12)
Online tests check your PC for security risks, Windows configuration issues, and performance problems. Clear, detailed analysis of your PCs health and performance. A great opportunity for a free PC check up! (2004-12)
Search out and connect with classmates from your educational youth. (2004-12)
Classmates Dot Com  (keywords: People, general)
One person's stuff is another's treasure. Pick up or give away free stuff here. (2004-12)
Free Cycle  (keywords: Freebies)
This site reviews, rates, and categorizes shareware and freeware for downloading. (2004-12)
Snap Files  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, general)
Science fiction fans (and others?) may enjoy this futuristic view of doom (Shockwave movie with sound). (2004-12)
Futuristic view of doom  (keywords: SciFi)
European site with photos, descriptions and specs of US Navy vessels and vehicles. (2004-12)
Navy site - photos  (keywords: Military, generalPhotography, general)
Thousands of aircraft photos - commercial, private, military, antique, gliders, blimps, historic, cockpits, cabins, paint schemes, etc.. (2004-12)
Airliners - photos  (keywords: Aircraft, generalAirline, generalMilitary, generalPhotography, general)
An amazingly vast collection of very old personal computers. (2004-12)
Kite photography - view the equipment, and then photos and mouse controlled panoramas. (2004-12)
Imaginative and entertaining image/audio/video/flash creations? You decide. (2004-12)
Albino Black Sheep  (keywords: PCs, entertainmentPhotography, general)
How long can you survive at this dodge 'em game? (2004-12)
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Why can't that helpdesk technician fix your PC problem? Perhaps this is the problem. (2004-12)
Briefly read about micro machines, and then view the image and movie galleries (links at bottom of window) of very small technology. (2004-12)
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