Web Page Reviews - 2004 - November

Site lists suspected rogue, deceptive, or useless antispyware apps and websites, as well as trustworthy products. (2004-11)
Spyware Warrior  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
The eye - how it works and how to correct vision. Great working diagrams. (2004-11)
Some things to investigate when your PC seems to be running slower than normal. (2004-11)
Various free data deletion/recovery/copy utilities. (2004-11)
Free utility to change the boot (start up) screen in WinXP. (2004-11)
Stardock  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
DVD Demystified - FAQs which should answer all of your DVD questions. (2004-11)
Calorie counts and other nutritional information for selections at 31 different fast food chains. (2004-11)
Because newer isn't always better - older versions of popular applications available here. (2004-11)
Old version  (keywords: Software, general)
The University of Oklahoma Police Notebook site contains a wealth of personal safety/security presentations (ID theft, fire safety, first aid, drugs/alcohol, and more). (2004-11)
OU  (keywords: Safety, general)
MS Powertoys for XP. (2004-11)
Microsoft - Windows power toys  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Unique wooden birdhouses with antique metal accents (click on the galleries). (2004-11)
Unusual lighting fixtures from Europe (click on catalog and then lighting). (2004-11)
Luxor furniture  (keywords: Home, general)
The Daily Motivator. Sign up for daily motivational e-mails. Relax with their "Right Now" online presentation. (2004-11)
Great day  (keywords: Email, lists)
A stain guide for keeping your furnishings as clean as possible. (2004-11)
Dog IQ - six tests to help you determine whether your canine should go to Harvard or just stay asleep on the couch. (2004-11)
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The Trunk Monkey - a useful automotive option? (2004-11)
Trunk monkey ad  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Popular movies in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies. (2004-11)
Angry alien  (keywords: Movies, general)
Aviation photos - fighters, bombers, vintage, cargo, nose art, mishaps, war, humor. (2004-11)
The lighter side of the Olympics. (2004-11)
Visit the Theater for classic animation movie outtakes, trailers, and some short films. (2004-11)
Pixar  (keywords: Movies, general)
Hundreds of high quality digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. (2004-11)
Apollo archive  (keywords: Photography, generalSpace, general)
Test your PC's vulnerability to hacker attacks. (2004-11)
Paper cutouts of buildings, vehicles, creatures, scenes. Printer, scissors, and glue required. (2004-11)
Paper toys  (keywords: Hobbies, general)
Word Count presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality. (2004-11)
Word Count  (keywords: Reference, general)
Collection of colorful "anomalous motion illusions". Look for additional illusions at links on this site. (2004-11)
Ritsumei  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness - confusing, bizarre, or simply odd technical instructions. (2004-11)
Darren bare foot  (keywords: Humor, general)
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