Web Page Reviews - 2008 - June

Search or browse for plant and flower profiles by color or plant type. (2008-06)
Plant Wire  (keywords: Plants, general)
Pick day or year, view birthdays, deaths, and historical events for over 2000 years. (2008-06)
Brainy history  (keywords: History, general)
Text tools - everything from sorting lines to advanced encryption and hashing. (2008-06)
High quality photos of roses, other flowers, and garden insects. (2008-06)
Expansive collection of photos of birds, flora, fauna, international scenery, and aviation; also descriptive how to articles. (2008-06)
Ejphoto  (keywords: Photography, naturePhotography, scenery)
Mathematics problems, games, and articles. (2008-06)
Take a look at what's underneath it all. (2008-06)
Retro gadgets and technology. (2008-06)
Retro Thing  (keywords: Art, generalTechnology, general)
Thirty Photoshop tutorials. Select 'Tutorials'. (2008-06)
Learn Photoshop  (keywords: Photography, tutorial)
Compares sizes of celestial objects. (2008-06)
Alt-Character map with instructions for use. (2008-06)
Spectacular photos of international caves and cavers. 5,000 pictures keep loading as you scroll down. (2008-06)
Caves  (keywords: Photography, cavesTravel, caves)
Satellite map view of AMRC military airplane bone yard at Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona. (2008-06)
Transcripts covering every one of the 210,000 trials held at Britain's Old Bailey from 1674 to 1913. Lurid tales of murder and rape, stories of pick pocketing and robbery, and more. (2008-06)
Old Bailey  (keywords: History, EnglandLiterary, general)
Website to die for....for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. (2008-06)
Stop You're Killing Me  (keywords: Literary, general)
Thousands of high quality photos of all sorts. (2008-06)
Select a picture, pick the cut and quantity of pieces, and beat the jigsaw clock. (2008-06)
Jigzone  (keywords: Games, online)
Numerous high quality pictures of cats, dogs, wild creatures, scenic landscapes, cloud formations, sunsets, and winter scenes. (2008-06)
Move around this satellite imaging site and discover various satellites and samples of satellite images, digital aerial photos, and 3D terrain models. (2008-06)
Satellite images  (keywords: Photography, satellite)
Collection of over 600 nonfiction feature stories on major crimes, criminals, trials, forensics, and criminal profiling by prominent writers. (2008-06)
Free custom icons for your desktop - music, food, vehicles, computers, animals, holidays, sports, and more. (2008-06)
Iconspedia  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
Discover songs, artists, and people appearing in commercials. (2008-06)
Ad music  (keywords: Music, commercialsTelevision, ads)
Library of Congress site contains downloadable maps - historical, military, transportation, exploration, and cultural. Requires MrSID viewer available at LoC link. (2008-06)
Library of Congress - Maps  (keywords: Maps, general)
Library of Congress - Compression  (keywords: Graphics, JPEG2000Graphics, MrSIDGraphics, compression)
200 practical expressions in 16 languages with audio and illustrations. (2008-06)
Explanation of coding on sidewall of automotive tires. (2008-06)
Tire codes  (keywords: Automotive, general)
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