Web Page Reviews - 2008 - September

Convert boring units to real objects as you type. (2008-09)
Basic and scientific calculator with unit converter. Watch the demo. (2008-09)
Collection of maps and grids representing political polls for president, house, and senate races. (2008-09)
Electoral vote  (keywords: Politics)
Tutorials, tricks, tools, and shortcuts for new Vista users. (2008-09)
Make a paper rose. (2008-09)
Paper rose  (keywords: Art, general)
Once loaded, this online alarm clock will work even if internet connection goes down. (2008-09)
Kukuklok  (keywords: Time, general)
Virtual absinthe museum - history, literature, art, and antiques. (2008-09)
Absinthe  (keywords: Art, general)
Tourist destination guide to the Niagara Falls area. (2008-09)
Niagara Falls  (keywords: Travel, general)
Search engine for free photos from many sources and license specifics. (2008-09)
Stock photo  (keywords: Photography, general)
Find out what it is that you fear. (2008-09)
Phobiaguide  (keywords: Medical, general)
Six hundred videos and one million photos of commercial and military aircraft and airports. (2008-09)
Browse airlines, airports, meals, seats, lounges, and aircraft news. (2008-09)
Flyer guide  (keywords: Aircraft, general, Travel, general)
Australian scenery, flora, fauna, the outback, architecture, and more. (2008-09)
Australia pictures  (keywords: Photography, Australia, Travel, general)
A large gallery of very strange things. (2008-09)
Guide to installing, dual booting, and using Ubuntu 8.04 . (2008-09)
Ubuntu 804 guide  (keywords: Linux, Ubuntu)
Throw the people in the bucket. No, this game is not that easy. (2008-09)
1950's pictures around Altoona, PA - railroads, autos, downtown, storefronts, ads, and more. (2008-09)
U.S. and world events. Sports, economics, science, and entertainment events since 1900. (2008-09)
Yearly events  (keywords: History, general, News, general)
Over 18,000 NASA images - universe, solar system, earth, aeronautics, and astronauts. (2008-09)
Dramatic photos from above. (2008-09)
Assortment of unusual air, sea, and land vehicles pictures and poses. (2008-09)
Michigan's Copper Country history and beauty. Start with the 1100 photo image gallery. (2008-09)
Copper country  (keywords: Travel, MI)
Hold down mouse button to create colorful shapes using the available templates. (2008-09)
Bomomo art  (keywords: Art, general, Entertainment, online, general)
Web search tool which flips full screens with search results. (2008-09)
Large colorful collection of agates, plus scenery of Britain, Scotland, Cambodia, and Turkey. (2008-09)
Agates  (keywords: Art, general, Travel, general)
Test your knowledge of popular music with this audible challenge. (2008-09)
Click on the ball to change its color. (2008-09)
Learn how to express yourself in German - grammar, pronunciation, verb conjugation, vocabulary, and more. (2008-09)
Digital camera, lens, and reviews with video tours of equipment. (2008-09)
Camera labs  (keywords: Photography, cameras)
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