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Take 360-degree field tours that highlight three Detroit urban farms. See what's growing in the city. (2024-04)
Field tours of Detroit urban farms  (keywords: Food, generalLocal, Detroit, general)
Time-lapse video of an engineering marvel - the location and insertion of the pre-built Second Avenue Bridge over I-75 in Detroit in 2022. Note how the sun shadows move as the job is completed just before dusk. (2-min. video) (2023-03)
Installing Second Ave Bridge in Detroit in 2022  (keywords: Automotive, generalLocal, Detroit, general)
Free education and entertainment content from the DIA. (2020-05)
Detroit Institute of Arts  (keywords: Local, Detroit, generalMuseum, art)
Digitizing Detroit by capturing photography and condition information for every property. (2015-09)
Digitizing Detroit  (keywords: Local, Detroit, generalReal estate, general)
Video of Detroit in 1961 (26 minutes). (2014-03)
Detroit 1961  (keywords: Local, Detroit, general)
Collection of photos of Detroit landmarks, sports, events, and more. Click on 'view larger' above each pic to enlarge. Navigate site using options at bottom of page. (2013-06)
Detroit photos 2  (keywords: Local, Detroit, generalPhotography, MI)
View recent, old, and demolition photos, postcards, and artifacts of Detroit architecture. (2010-11)
Detroit buildings  (keywords: Architecture, generalBuildings, generalLocal, Detroit, general)
People Mover station guide, station art, time schedule, and Detroit events. (2006-03)
People Mover  (keywords: Local, Detroit, general)
Over 1500 photos of Detroit. (2006-02)
Detroit photos 1  (keywords: Local, Detroit, generalPhotography, scenery)
Search for gas around Detroit by price, type, or location. (2005-11)
Gasoline prices in Detroit  (keywords: Automotive, generalFinances, generalLocal, Detroit, general)
Old Detroit history in many categories, including transportation, sports, J L Hudson's, and more. Click on 'Collections' button at the top of page for many historical photos and memorabilia. (2005-09)
Detroit history  (keywords: History, generalLocal, Detroit, generalMuseum, general)
"Home of the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit." Tour inside and outside views of many vacant dinosaurs of Detroit. A few of the tour stops have short demolition videos. (Click on TOUR THE RUINS link near the top of the web page. Each of the three resulting options is worth a visit.) (2003-09)
Detroit Yes  (keywords: Local, Detroit, generalTravel, MI)
And finally we return home to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA has been open since 1883. This collection has many great pieces of art including from Diego Rivera's "Detroit Industry", a very large collection of American works of art, and many special exhibits. (2000-03)
Detroit Institute of Art  (keywords: Art, generalLocal, Detroit, general)
Bonanza! We hit pay dirt! Here's a sizable list of kid friendly web sites. From preschoolers to interest in science, math, sports, and outdoor fun. This web page is from the Detroit News 8/21/1999 issue. Since the News has a history of occasionally charging to see back issues online, check the second site (the News mentions it as their source). That site lists 100 kid friendly and parent friendly sites. Turn off the TV and log in: (1999-09)
Detroit News kid sites  (keywords: Children, generalLocal, Detroit, generalNewspapers, general)
Net Mom  (keywords: Internet, general)

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