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What are brute-force and dictionary attacks? (2021-09)
Brute-force and Dictionary attacks  (keywords: Security, general)
Discover events and sign up for the newsletter from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) about online safety/security/privacy. (2021-02)
National Cyber Security Alliance events  (keywords: Security, general)
How supply chain hacks affect your online safety. Teams of hackers work together to attack a specific target. The supply chain just happens to be the path of least resistance. (2021-02)
Supply Chain hacks  (keywords: Security, general)
Could you be a target for cyber crime? Understanding the potential threats can help keep your online accounts safe. (2017-11)
You, the cyber crime target  (keywords: Security, general)
Beware the Driver Update scam; pop-ups that 'warn' you that your computer's drivers are out of date. (2017-09)
Driver update scam  (keywords: Security, general)
Are you being spied on via your own webcam? (2017-04)
Webcam spying  (keywords: Computers, hardware, webcamSecurity, general)
Are you doing everything you can to protect your personal information and devices? Check out these three short videos; to see what you're doing right, and where your cyber habits might need some work. (2017-03)
Protect personal info  (keywords: Security, general)
The Inevitability of Being Hacked. (In summary: Be sure to connect all wireless devices, including IoT, in your home network through a router.) (2017-02)
Being hacked  (keywords: Security, general)
Cyberthreat Real-Time Map. Click on the various threat category buttons beneath the map (see also "Data Sources" at upper left for definitions), or the layout buttons on the right. Zoom in/out, and rotate the globe, to view threatened locations in detail. Just mouse around. (2017-02)
Cyberthreat map  (keywords: Security, general)
PC Speed Up is technically not a virus, but it does exhibit plenty of malicious traits, such as rootkit capabilities and browser hijacking. It often downloads with other reputable software and can be challenging to remove. Here are some tips to getting rid of it. (2017-01)
PC Speed Up  (keywords: Security, general)
10 password cracking tools for Windows, Linux and web applications. For brute-force attacks (use, if at all, with extreme caution!) or just to recover a forgotten password. (2016-10)
Windows cracking tools  (keywords: Security, general)
Has one of your web accounts (email or other) been hacked or breached? One of mine was...twice. Enter it here to find out option to set up notification. (2016-10)
Web account hacking  (keywords: Security, general)
How flashlight apps invade your privacy on Android devices (including smartphones). (2016-06)
Flashlight apps video  (keywords: Security, general)
Uninstall QuickTime for Windows now! Security updates are no longer being provided by Apple. (2016-06)
Uninstall QuickTime  (keywords: Security, general)
Cyber Security 101: History, Threats, & Solutions (Although directed at businesses, there's much to learn here for individuals as well.) (23 min. video; Oct. 2014) (2016-05)
Cyber Security 101  (keywords: Security, general)
Do you need a firewall for your computer? Heck, yes!!!! Here's a comparison between the two types (but you should consider having both types). (2015-03)
Firewall types  (keywords: Computers, hardware, generalComputers, securitySecurity, general)
Mass Surveillance is the focus of this 6 part investigative documentary series examining who is watching whom and why. (Note: This video series link is being hosted on YouTube by PressTV, Iran's English language news organization.) (2014-12)
Mass surveillance  (keywords: Security, general)
Use fake information when filling out online forms to avoid giving out personal information. See more uses under FAQ tab. (2014-05)
Fake name  (keywords: Security, general)
Free tool for detection, assessment of, and solution for missing security patches and end of life programs on your PC. Select "Software Inspectors" button, then choose from "Online" or "Personal Desktop" (download) options. (2009-09)
Software inspectors  (keywords: Security, generalWindows, security)
Parody of Homeland Security instruction. (2007-12)
Homeland parody  (keywords: Humor, politicsSecurity, general)
Know whom you are calling at a blind phone number. (2006-05)
Blind phones number  (keywords: Security, generalTelephones, general)
Morse code translator. (2005-06)
Morse code  (keywords: CuriositySecurity, general)

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