Web Page Reviews - 2015 - September

Paper shredder, printer, and scanner buying tips. (2015-09)
Printers & scanners tips  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
Progressively challenging game of squares. (2015-09)
Game about squares  (keywords: Games, online)
Microsoft Security Advisories and Bulletins - View the "Security Bulletin Summaries" section to learn what vulnerability(ies) each update should be protecting your PC from. (2015-09)
MS security bulletins  (keywords: Windows, security)
By default, Windows sends a lot of your information to their servers sometimes without asking you to opt-in. Follow this guide to fix Windows 10 and restore your privacy. (2015-09)
Windows 10 leaks  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
Dozens of short videos of forestry management equipment in action. (2015-09)
Forestry management  (keywords: Nature, forestry)
Make Infographic posters online. (2015-09)
Infographic posters DIY  (keywords: Art, infographic)
Brief video tutorials for many free computer maintenance/cleaner and security software products. Select the "Playlists" option. (2015-09)
Software tutorials  (keywords: Software, training)
Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'evolved over the course of several editions he wrote, edited, and updated during his lifetime. Here is the evolution of those six editions. (2015-09)
Origin of Species  (keywords: Nature, general)
Photos of old cars and old gas stations. (2015-09)
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum -- over 2500 designs. (2015-09)
Air sickness bag museum  (keywords: Aircraft, generalMuseum, general)
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum near Detroit. Watch several videos of this strange place on YouTube. (2015-09)
Marvelous mechanical museum  (keywords: Local, generalMuseum, general)
Digitizing Detroit by capturing photography and condition information for every property. (2015-09)
Digitizing Detroit  (keywords: Local, Detroit, generalReal estate, general)
How to download free e-books (many topics, including computers) on and (2015-09)
Free eBook access  (keywords: eBooks, general)
Does "safely ejecting" a device from a USB port actually do anything? (2015-09)
Eject devices safely  (keywords: Windows, general)
Understand more about the world and fun facts around the globe with these 42 maps. (2015-09)
Unique world maps  (keywords: Maps, world)
Find Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and non-profit organizations committed to fighting hunger in all states (800 in Michigan). (2015-09)
Food banks  (keywords: CharitiesLocal, general)
Five hundred and seven mechanical movements, many of which are animated. (2015-09)
Mechanical movements  (keywords: Machines)
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