Web Page Reviews - 2018 - January

Troubleshooting right click issues caused by shell extensions (when right clicking a mouse produces no context menu). (2018-01)
Troubleshoot mouse right-click  (keywords: Windows, mouse)
Animation shows the sources of U.S. Immigration over two centuries. (2018-01)
U.S. Immigration sources  (keywords: History, immigration)
Appreciating Chinese calligraphy. (4-min. video) (2018-01)
Chinese calligraphy  (keywords: Language, Chinese)
Can you really trust that green padlock? This new phishing scheme could fool you with a false sense of security. (2018-01)
Trust green padlock?  (keywords: Internet, security)
If you don't really need to password protect your Windows 10 login, then why add that potentially corruptive aspect to your PC? Here's how to configure your PC to start Windows 10 without a password automatically. (2018-01)
Windows 10 login password  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, security)
Detect and remove malware from USB (a.k.a flash, thumb, or zip) drives. (2018-01)
Remove USB malware  (keywords: Computers, security)
Five ways to print folder and directory contents in Windows. (2018-01)
Print folder contents  (keywords: Windows, files & folders)
Eight deadly commands you should never run on Linux. (2018-01)
Deadly Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
Some basic security measures specifically for people getting started with Linux. (2018-01)
Linux security measures  (keywords: Linux, general)
How to find the best Wi-Fi channel for your router on any operating system, particularly in close living conditions. (2018-01)
Find best Wi-Fi router channel  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Backyard astronomy basics for students of all ages. (2018-01)
Backyard astronomy basics  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
What is a "fileless attack"? How hackers invade computer systems without installing software. (2018-01)
'Fileless' attack  (keywords: Security, hacking)
Aerial view of a train derailment cleanup event in a peaceful farming countryside. (15-min. video) (2018-01)
Train derailment cleanup  (keywords: Trains, general)
Three easy ways to unsubscribe from email lists. (2018-01)
Unsubscribe from email lists  (keywords: Email, general)
Video advertising "Miniature Wonderland", supposedly the largest model railroad/railway in the world. (5-min. video) (2018-01)
Miniature Wonderland  (keywords: Trains, model trains)
A few hundred high quality videos of trains. Two suggested playlists contain "Pure Michigan Trains" and "Upper Peninsula" railroads. (Videos range from 1 to 65 minutes, many with commentary.) (2018-01)
Michigan trains  (keywords: Trains, local)
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