Web Page Reviews - 2021 - June

The "Friends of the Rouge" (River in MI) group offered 5 virtual river "trips" by kayak in 2020. On, search for "Friends of the Rouge uncruise" to locate the five virtual river trips. Each of the 5 trip videos is about 1:20 hrs. long. This link is for trip #1. (2021-06)
Rouge River trips  (keywords: Local, generalNautical, general)
WhatsApp now forces you to share data with Facebook. (2021-06)
WhatsApp sharing with Facebook  (keywords: FacebookInternet, messaging)
RAM is a crucial component of every computer but it can be confusing. Here's RAM explained in terms anyone can understand. (2021-06)
RAM explained  (keywords: Computers, hardware, RAM)
Tired of spending $60 on new game releases? Check out these "best" open source video games, which are mostly free! (2021-06)
Open source video games  (keywords: Games, open source)
The history of Android: The evolution of the biggest mobile OS in the world. Cupcakes, donuts, jelly beans, and more. (2021-06)
History of Android  (keywords: Android, history)
10 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal. (2021-06)
Boost router's wireless signal  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Best Dark Web websites you won't find on Google. (2021-06)
Dark Web sites  (keywords: Internet, Dark Web)
Linux running too slow? Here's how to find the cause. (2021-06)
Linux running slow?  (keywords: Linux, general)
3 ways to batch rename files in Windows. (2021-06)
Batch rename files in Windows  (keywords: Windows, files & folders)
If your Windows 10 edition is 32-bit, but your computer has 64-bit architecture ("32-bit operating system, x64-based processor" in Windows 10's "About" window in "Settings"), you can upgrade Windows 10 to the 64-bit edition for free, but you will lose all existing programs and data in the process. Be sure to backup important files, license keys, browser bookmarks, and stored IDs/passwords first. (2021-06)
Upgrade 32-bit Windows 10 to 64-bit  (keywords: Windows, upgrades)
WhatsApp users are fleeing, due to forced sharing of personal info with Facebook; here are the best alternatives. (2021-06)
WhatsApp alternatives  (keywords: Internet, messaging)
"The Creepy Line" reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle, hence powerful, manner in which they do it. (1:20 hour video) (2021-06)
The Creepy Line  (keywords: FacebookInternet, GoogleInternet, privacy)
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