Web Page Reviews - 2023 - December

Who invented the Internet? How Belgium nearly invented the Internet in 1910. (7-min. video) (2023-12)
Who invented the Internet?  (keywords: Internet, general)
Get Temu, the popular shopping app, off your phone now. (2023-12)
Remove Temu from phones  (keywords: Phones, generalSecurity, phones)
How long can a USB cable be? (2023-12)
USB cable length  (keywords: Computers, hardware, cables)
View the inner workings of Japan's retro vending machines, delivering microwave popcorn, hot rice curry, drinks, games, more. (11-min. video) (2023-12)
Japan's retro vending machines  (keywords: Museum, vending machines)
See how flexible circuit boards (FPCs) are made in a Chinese factory, from raw material to finished circuit boards. (33-min. video) (2023-12)
Making flexible circuit boards  (keywords: Computers, hardware, circuit boards)
How to wrap extension cords, cables or hoses using the easy, tangle-free method of a ~over/under'. (3-min. video) (2023-12)
Wrapping cords/cables/hoses "over/under"  (keywords: Computers, hardware, cablesHome, general)
Explore the lights and lighthouses of Maine, including some live web cams. (2023-12)
Maine lights/lighthouses  (keywords: Lighthouses)
How to see blocked numbers on an iPhone. (2023-12)
Blocked numbers on iPhones  (keywords: Apple, iPhone)
Upload vs. download speed : What's the difference? (2023-12)
Upload vs. download speed  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Could your garage be beckoning burglars? How crooks get in and how to keep them out. (2023-12)
Keep burglers out of your garage  (keywords: Home, general)
PC Manager - Microsoft releases its own system tuning application for Windows 10 & 11. (2023-12)
Windows' PC Manager  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, utilitiesWindows, Windows 11, utilities)
Best Sites for Cheat Sheets, Shortcuts, and Quick Reference Cards. (2023-12)
Sites for cheat sheets, shortcuts, quick reference cards  (keywords: Software, trainingWindows, training)
100% CPU Usage in Windows? Here's How to Fix it. {Note that not every mentioned a ~fix' applies to every situation. Select yours carefully.} (2023-12)
Fixing "100% CPU Usage" in Windows  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, troubleshootingWindows, Windows 11, troubleshooting)
12 simple, secret Windows shortcuts you probably don't know. (2023-12)
12 simple Windows shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, featuresWindows, Windows 11, features)
Ad*Access - Over 7,000 U.S. and Canadian advertisements covering five product categories - Beauty and Hygiene, Radio, Television, Transportation, and World War II propaganda - dated between 1911 and 1955. (2023-12)
7,000 US/Canadian advertisements 1911-1955  (keywords: Ads, historical)
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