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Free games you can play when you're stuck inside. (2020-05)
Selection of free games  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Mahjong game with over 150 layouts. (2017-09)
Mahjong game  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Collection of puzzles, games, brain teasers, and optical illusions suitable for all ages and levels of proficiency. (2016-11)
Puzzle prime  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Hang-man game, with three difficulty levels. (2016-11)
Hang-man game  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Don't allow the computer to get five in a row. (2016-11)
5 in a row  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Join the letters and get to the 'K' tile. (2016-10)
Join letters  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Try to successfully manage transportation systems between places by land, air, and water for passengers, mail, and goods in this free transportation simulator. (Windows, Mac, Linux) (2016-10)
Transportation sim  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Free open-source FlightGear flight simulator. Be sure to also grab the additional aircraft and scenery files. (Windows, Mac, Linux) (2016-10)
FlightGear  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Try to guess the color as quickly as possible. (2016-10)
Guess the color  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Cause increasingly populated chain reactions. (2016-10)
Chain reactions  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
Japanese game where players take turns to pick a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Single and multi-player modes. (2015-05)
Shiritori  (keywords: Entertainment, gamesGames, online)
Collection of challenging logic puzzles and word games for enthusiasts of all ages. (2013-10)
Puzzlers  (keywords: Entertainment, games)

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