Web Page Reviews - 2016 - November

Caution! Microsoft resurrects Telemetry updates KB2952664 and KB2976978. (October 2016). (2016-11)
Windows telemetry  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, telemetry)
How to back up and restore the registry in Windows. (2016-11)
Windows, registry  (keywords: Windows, registry)
Slow computer? Check those start-up programs. (2016-11)
Start-up apps  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
Even though very highly recommended, backups may not be enough protection from ransomware. (2016-11)
Backups  (keywords: Computers, backup)
Downloadable infographic of the Navy's new combat ship U.S.S. Detroit. (2016-11)
U.S.S. Detroit  (keywords: Nautical, general)
Display the disk activity of any process in Windows. (2016-11)
Windows disk activity  (keywords: Windows, features)
Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you. (2016-11)
Government spy terms  (keywords: Computers, security)
Five Windows 10 registry hacks to optimize your Windows 10 experience. (2016-11)
Windows 10 registry hacks  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
Overclocking: How breaking your computer makes it faster. (2016-11)
Overclocking  (keywords: Computers, hardware, CPU)
Free tool that simplifies settings of 283 configuration items across all versions of Windows, PowerShell, Outlook, Server Administration, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. (2016-11)
Collection of photos on the subject of railroads. (2016-11)
Railroad galleries  (keywords: Photography, railroadsTrains, general)
Most useful Mozilla Firefox about:config tweaks. (2016-11)
Firefox tweaks  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
10 Firefox tips and tricks for Windows users. (2016-11)
Firefox tips  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
Collection of on-line IP Tools that can be used to quickly get information about IP Addresses, web pages, and DNS records (2016-11)
IP tools  (keywords: Computers, networks, general)
Green Landscapes --- large collection of landscape photography. (2016-11)
Some US Presidential history quizzes. (2016-11)
US President quiz  (keywords: Entertainment, online, musicPolitics)
Don't allow the computer to get five in a row. (2016-11)
5 in a row  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
A list of 50 weirdest movies ever made. (Some can be found in your statewide library system.) (2016-11)
Weird movies  (keywords: Movies, reviews)
A frustratingly addictive game of choosing "higher" or "lower" using Google searches. If you guess right, you keep playing. (2016-11)
Google search game  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Gimp is a free open-source alternative to high priced, professional graphics editing programs such as Photoshop. Learn about creating abstracts, animation, using brushes, coloring effects, and more. (2016-11)
Windows 10 GodMode: What it is and how to enable it. (2016-11)
Windows 10 God Mode  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
What goes on inside the CPU. (2016-11),what-goeson-inside-the-cpu.aspx
Free Wi-Fi and the dangers of mobile Man-in-the-Middle attacks. (2016-11)
Man-in-the-Middle attacks  (keywords: Computers, security)
View a daily quote or search among authors or in over 50 categories. (2016-11)
Daily quote  (keywords: Quotes)
Hang-man game, with three difficulty levels. (2016-11)
Hang-man game  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
How to enable a virtual WiFi in Windows. (2016-11)
Virtual WiFi  (keywords: Windows, Wi-Fi)
A brief lesson on color theory. (2-min. video) (2016-11)
Color theory lesson  (keywords: Color)
Adrift - Arial view of rough seashores. (3-min. video) (2016-11)
Rough seashore  (keywords: Photography, scenery)
How to change the default printer in Windows 10. (2016-11)
Default printer setting  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, printer)
How to install Linux on a computer without a DVD drive. (2016-11)
Install Linux w/o DVD  (keywords: Linux, general)
Linux Mint window customization options. (2016-11)
Linux Mint customization  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Useful tips you need to know to extend the life of your USB drive. (2016-11)
USB drive life  (keywords: Computers, hardware, USB)
Why and how to calibrate a monitor in Windows. (2016-11)
Monitor calibration  (keywords: Windows, Windows 7, general)
Is there a way to know where a URL-shortened URL is going to take me? (2016-11)
Shortened URL  (keywords: Internet, general)
Collection of puzzles, games, brain teasers, and optical illusions suitable for all ages and levels of proficiency. (2016-11)
Puzzle prime  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
How to customize the desktop background in Windows. (2016-11)
Windows desktop customization  (keywords: Windows, features)
How to use the free "WinPatrol" tool to monitor your Windows PC for changes. (2016-11)
Using Win Patrol  (keywords: Windows, security)
Protect your computer with this free WinPatrol security utility by monitoring changes made to your files and folders. (2016-11)
invalid URL removed
Site "helps consumers find, submit claims for, and receive compensation for every class action settlement they qualify to participate in". (2016-11)
Class actions  (keywords: Law, general)
Disable automatic reboot after Windows Updates in Windows 10. (2016-11)
Windows 10 auto-reboot  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Tech support pricing structure - Regular (as it were) prices for technical support/system administration services (set by irritated support folks). (This is meant to be humorous.) (2016-11)
invalid URL removed
How to remote control your Windows PC from an Android device using Unified Remote. (2016-11)
Windows remote control  (keywords: Windows, features)
The humor of John Pinette. (Video collection) (2016-11)
John Pinette  (keywords: Humor, general)
Five issues that make Microsoft Edge a worse web browser than others. (2016-11)
Microsoft Edge issues  (keywords: Internet, browser, Edge)
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