Web Page Reviews - 2020 - March

What exactly happens when you turn on your computer? (2020-03)
Turning on your computer  (keywords: Computers, general)
What exactly happens when you shut down or sign out of Windows? (2020-03)
Shutting down Windows PC  (keywords: Computers, generalWindows, general)
Windows Registry demystified: What you can do with it. (2020-03)
Windows Registry  (keywords: Windows, registry)
Windows 7 is dead: How to stay as safe as possible after the security updates stopped on 1/14/20. (2020-03)
Staying safe with Windows 7?  (keywords: Windows, Windows 7, general)
Desktop Info is a customizable system monitoring widget for Windows. (2020-03)
Desktop Info tool for Windows  (keywords: Windows, software)
Report: Avast and AVG collect and sell your personal information via their free antivirus programs. (2020-03)
Avast/AVG info collection concerns  (keywords: Security, software)
Avast defends data harvesting, plans to get users to agree to it. (2020-03)
Avast info collection concerns  (keywords: Security, software)
Find the fastest DNS to optimize your Internet speed. (2020-03)
Fastest DNS for your Internet speed  (keywords: Internet, DNS)
The Firefox web browser, like the majority of browsers available today, collects Telemetry data. You can browse the Telemetry that Firefox collects and you can also easily choose to opt out of this collection (go to Tools...Options...Privacy and Security). (2020-03)
Firefox browser telemetry  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
DuckDuckGo vs. Google: The best search engine for you. (2020-03)
Duckduckgo vs. Google  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
DocPad is a highly customizable plain text editor for Windows. (2020-03)
DocPad text editor for Windows  (keywords: Windows, software)
Why is it so much harder to lose weight as you get older? (2020-03)
Losing weight while getting older  (keywords: Health, weight loss)
How to clean up mashed up prints. (2020-03)
Clean up mashed up prints  (keywords: Internet, printing)
Everything you need to know about the browser cache. (2020-03)
Browser cache  (keywords: Internet, browser, cache)
Detroit's salt mine: City beneath the city. (36 photos). (2020-03)
Detroit's salt mine  (keywords: Food, generalLocal, history)
How to start or boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode (useful for diagnosing problems, removing infections, etc.). (2020-03)
Windows 10 Safe Mode 2  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, troubleshooting)
How to disable Quick Access in Windows 10's File Explorer. (For some users, QA is just confusing.) (2020-03)
Disable Quick Access in Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
15 products that can be made from hemp, including a car. (From a "cannabis industry news" web site.) (2020-03)
Products made from hemp  (keywords: Health, generalScience, general)
Have you considered purchasing an OEM edition of a hardware or software product? What are OEM products and why are they cheaper? (2020-03)
Hardware/software OEM editions  (keywords: Computers, OEM)
Diagnosing a problem or making a configuration change on your Linux PC? Here's how to save the terminal output to a file in Linux. (2020-03)
Diagnosing Linux problems  (keywords: Linux, diagnostics)
How to clean up and tame Quick Access in Windows 10's File Explorer. (2020-03)
Clean up/tame Windows 10's Quick Access  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Some suggested Firefox browser extensions (aka "add-ons"). (2020-03)
Firefox browser add-ons  (keywords: Internet, Firefox, Add-on)
Three ways to recover deleted photos on any Android device . (2020-03)
Recover deleted photos on Android  (keywords: Android, general)
What is the Windows Registry, how it works, and what you can do with it. (Carefully! VERY carefully.) (2020-03)
Windows Registry  (keywords: Windows, registry)
17 Android nasties spotted in Google Play store, totaling over 550,000 downloads. Always research apps before downloading them to your phone. (2020-03)
Android apps associated with malware  (keywords: Android, general)
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