Web Page Reviews - 2005 - May

Operation Gratitude ships care packages to service persons worldwide. See wish lists and view recipient photos and stories. Donations welcome. (2005-05)
Operation Gratitude  (keywords: Charities, Military, general)
A unique creative use for duct tape from the Duct Tape Workshop. (2005-05)
Meet the pets of presidents. Go to 'pets'. (2005-05)
Presidential pets  (keywords: Animals, general, Government, general)
How well do you know US geography? Play States web games here. (2005-05)
States web games  (keywords: Games, general, Geography, general, PCs, entertainment)
Everything Michigan - news, sports, travel, and entertainment collected from various Michigan newspapers. (2005-05)
Everything Michigan  (keywords: Entertainment, general, Sports, general, Travel, MI)
Article describing how to test and tune your online connection. (2005-05)
Test/tune your connection  (keywords: Internet, general, PCs, help)
America's best, most accurate traffic reports. (2005-05)
Traffic reports  (keywords: Automotive, general, Travel, general)
The Institute for Backup Trauma - a comical presentation on a serious computer subject. (2005-05)
Institute for Backup Trauma  (keywords: PCs, entertainment, PCs, security)
User friendly satellite mapping technology to search for places in the US and Canada. (2005-05)
Satellite mapping  (keywords: Geography, general, Maps, general, Travel, general)
Freeware utilities from the popular GRC website. (2005-05)
GRC freeware utilities  (keywords: PCs, utilities, Software, free)
If you installed WinXP SP2, consider removing Service Pack Restore Files and Folders to reclaim disk space. (2005-05)
XP SP2 cleanup  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
Gallery of Regrettable Food - vintage cookbook covers, pictures, ads, and oddities; savory horrors from the past. (2005-05)
Gallery of Regrettable Food  (keywords: Cooking, general, Entertainment, general, Food, general)
Listen to popular 80's themes: comedy, drama, action, game shows, and commercials. Some videos also. (2005-05)
Learning about the world through photography. Over 140,000 photos, segregated geographically. (2005-05)
Trek Earth  (keywords: Geography, general, Photography, galleries)
Print graph paper in several formats via PDF files. (2005-05)
Print free graph paper  (keywords: Computers, general, PCs, general)
History, construction, advertising, and models of fountain pens. Click on "penoply". (2005-05)
Fountain pen history  (keywords: History, general, Museum, general)
Unique tool for searching for books, CDs, and DVDs at Amazon. (2005-05)
Free service for locating prescreened home improvement contractors. (2005-05)
Contractor search  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Guess the cautionary message of each of these Far Eastern signs. (2005-05)
Far Eastern signs  (keywords: Entertainment, general, Internet, general)
Collection of very uniquely designed games of skill using the mouse. (2005-05)
Free antivirus software (after registration) for home users. Now you have NO excuse! (2005-05)
Free Antivirus software  (keywords: PCs, security, Software, free)
Gaze through the artful depths of the Moscow Metro via photos and panoramas. (2005-05)
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Recipes (healthy and not so) and cooking tips, culinary dictionary, histories of various foods, herbs/spices, food safety, and more. (2005-05)
What's Cooking America  (keywords: Cooking, general, Food, general)
Technically oriented audio/video product info, reviews, and forums for both neophytes and advanced audiences. (2005-05)
Audioholics  (keywords: Audio, general)
Plant database with 97,000 entries and 67,000 images, botanical dictionary, garden terms, USDA plant zones, and forums. (2005-05)
Dave's Garden  (keywords: Gardening, general)
See how your lifestyle can affect your expected age. (2005-05)
Longevity game  (keywords: Curiosity, Health, general, Internet, general)
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