Web Page Reviews - 2008 - January

Blue Ball machine. (2008-01)
Blue balls  (keywords: Curiosity)
A couple dozen dynamic optical illusions. (2008-01)
Skytopia  (keywords: Illusions)
Click on the red dot and guide it through the maze, using steady mouse control. (2008-01)
Maze frenzy  (keywords: Games, online)
Display all 256 alternate code characters and how to use them. (2008-01)
Alt codes  (keywords: PCs, general)
Test your knowledge of global geography. (2008-01)
Cocktail recipes and drinking games. (2008-01)
Money chimp "seeks to be the most coherent, logical, useful, and accessible financial education resource". (2008-01)
Money chimp  (keywords: Finances, personal)
Graphical representation of major players in the stock market and their daily movement. (2008-01)
Play around with attraction, repulsion, and friction among a group of particles. (2008-01)
Pick a point on the globe and find the region on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to it. (2008-01)
Earth's opposite  (keywords: Earth sciencesGeography, general)
Condiment packet gallery. (2008-01)
Visit the Virtual Museum for descriptions of da Vinci's many machines and 'ideal city'. (2008-01)
Da Vinci machines  (keywords: Art, generalInvention)
Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Downloadable zipped file. (2008-01)
Da Vinci drawings  (keywords: Art, drawings)
San Francisco Fleet week '07 pictures of military aerial skills. (2008-01)
Lots of how to articles for Windows XP, Vista, and Office, Linux, Firefox, and more. (2008-01)
How-to geek  (keywords: Linux, generalPCs, helpWindows, general)
Select from many genres of music to locate streaming music channels in many languages. (2008-01)
Filter music  (keywords: Music, online)
Over 1000 words and expressions that differ in their usage between the US and the UK. (2008-01)
US vs. UK language  (keywords: Language, general)
Spiral shapes. (2008-01)
Enter name of CD/DVD or artist to display lots of high quality CD and DVD covers within seconds. (2008-01)
Album art  (keywords: Art, musicMusic, art)
View brochures and manuals of old cars...Maxwell, Chalmers, Desoto, Hudson, and more. (2008-01)
Video describing how to save videos from the web to your PC. Start by saving this one. (2008-01)
Photos of nature, panoramas, lighthouses, landscapes, plants, industry, and more. (2008-01)
Wild nature images  (keywords: Photography, general)
Works of South Californian artists. (2008-01)
Rock albums 1965 - 1978 with performers' photos and videos. (2008-01)
Someone's list of great burger recipes - beef, lamb, and veggie - including a few popular brands. Select 'Burger recipes'. (2008-01)
Burger recipes  (keywords: Food, recipes)
Misplaced your glasses? You can still see in an emergency. Select 'Science Videos', then #37 "Emergency Glasses". (2008-01)
Photos, paintings, biography of Salvador Dali. (2008-01)
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