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It's hard to know which tech companies to trust with our data. We've known for years Google was using our data, and we found out recently that Facebook was as well. Apple, too. Here are some study findings. (2018-10)
Trusting tech companies  (keywords: Privacy, general)
Site provides instructions on removing your account or public profile from many popular websites, including Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, more. Also cautions about sites which do not allow deletions. (2012-12)
Account removal  (keywords: Privacy, generalSocial, sites)
How to remove your name from mailing, telemarketing, e-mail, and marketing lists, avoid illegitimate sweepstakes offers and promotions, and more. (2008-02)
Mail Choice  (keywords: Phones, generalPostal infoPrivacy, general)
A somewhat humorous view of personal privacy rights. (2005-03)
ACLU - personal privacy  (keywords: Humor, generalPrivacy, general)

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