Web Page Reviews - 2005 - March

National Headache Foundation educates sufferers and professionals on causes and treatments. Select "Educational Resources". (2005-03)
National Headache Foundation  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, general)
Monochrome landscapes of UK and Southwestern US. (2005-03)
Search patterns, trends and surprises among Google searches of 2001 through 2005. View top searches weekly, monthly, and annually. (2005-03)
Unusual block clock. (2005-03)
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Dizzying optical illusions. (2005-03)
Kitaoka's illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Keep out of trouble by playing this collection of online games. (2005-03)
Addicting games  (keywords: PCs, entertainmentPCs, games)
Do you speak American? Interactive look at evolution and impact of modern American slang. (2005-03)
PBS - Do you speak American  (keywords: History, generalLanguage, general)
Fascinating art of sand painting. Upon completion, optionally save 19 Meg presentation to your HD. (2005-03)
Baum's sand scape  (keywords: Art, general)
A humorous look at the pros and cons of aging. (2005-03)
One method of transferring audio material from cassettes to CDs. (2005-03)
Vivid photos describe the creation and power of tornadoes. (2005-03)
Panorama of historic Detroit, including Campus Martius, with many old photos. (2005-03)
Check occasionally for extensions (small add ons) which add new functionality to Firefox. (2005-03)
Mozilla updates  (keywords: Internet, browsing, generalPCs, utilitiesSoftware, open source)
Law dictionary attempts to make legal jargon decipherable to nonlawyers. (2005-03) dictionary  (keywords: Law, general)
View entries to air sickness bag design contest. Click on 'gallery' or 'archive'. (Requires slightly warped sense of humor). (2005-03)
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Download a 12 sided calendar in any of 29 languages. (2005-03)
Arntzen's calendar  (keywords: CalendarsLanguage, general)
Tsunami visualizations through use of images, animations, and before/after photos. (2005-03)
A unique way to search for the news you want to read. (2005-03)
A somewhat humorous view of personal privacy rights. (2005-03)
ACLU - personal privacy  (keywords: Humor, generalPrivacy, general)
Discover 300 color variations of diamonds in unique sizes, shapes, and hues, with info on grading and history. (2005-03)
Journey through a jet engine. Click on 'Education', then 'Info for Schools'. (2005-03)
Rolls-Royce  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
Collection of over 140 pictures of hands as canvas. (2005-03)
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Step by step guide to migrating files and settings to a new WinXP PC. (2005-03)
Microsoft WinXP Pro migration  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesWindows, WinXP)
Article discusses browser hijackers and the threat to you, the surfer. (2005-03)
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