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Google is probably tracking you, but you can stop it. (2022-11)
Stop Google tracking you  (keywords: Internet, GoogleInternet, securitySecurity, Google)
You agreed to be tracked, but how much info is Google getting from your phone? You'll be surprised. (5-min. video) (2018-12)
Tracking by Google  (keywords: Security, Google)
Be aware that Google is tracking you, even when you're in Airplane Mode. (4-min. video) (2018-05)
Google is tracking you  (keywords: Security, Google)
Is Google tracking you? Here's how to find out everything the search giant knows about you. (2017-09)
Google's tracking  (keywords: Security, Google)
If you regularly use Google services, then you will definitely want to know what it knows about you, to customize or delete information. (2016-01)
What Google knows about you  (keywords: Security, Google)
Google is secretly recording your voice: here's how to make them stop. (2015-12)
Google recordings  (keywords: Security, Google)

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