Web Page Reviews - 2022 - November

Why are M&Ms called M&Ms? (2022-11)
Why are M&Ms called M&Ms?  (keywords: Food, general)
What is "workload rate" in hard drives? (2022-11)
Hard drive "workload rate"  (keywords: Computers, hardware, hard drive)
Ever wondered how a QR code works? (2022-11)
How QR codes work  (keywords: Phones, general)
How to track your data usage on Android phones. (2022-11)
Track data usage on Android phone  (keywords: Android, generalPhones, Android)
What uses data on iPhones? Using too much? Here's the fix. (2022-11)
Track data usage on iPhone  (keywords: Apple, generalPhones, Apple)
Google is probably tracking you, but you can stop it. (2022-11)
Stop Google tracking you  (keywords: Internet, GoogleInternet, securitySecurity, Google)
How to install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC. (But use extreme caution!) (2022-11)
Install Windows 11 on unsupported PC  (keywords: Windows, Windows 11, general)
How to fix "This Setting Is Managed by Your Administrator" error message in Windows. (2022-11)
"This setting is Managed by Your Adnimistrator" error  (keywords: Windows, Windows, troubleshooting)
NullMixer malware can infect your PC with over 20 malicious programs. (2022-11)
NullMixer malware  (keywords: Security, malware)
Windows 11 shortcuts from A to Z. (2022-11)
Windows shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, general)
A true story about microwaves....and certainly interesting as well. (12-min. video) (2022-11)
Microwaves  (keywords: Appliances, generalElectronics, general)
35+ Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts for Windows. (2022-11)
Windows command prompt shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, general)
Little-known Windows features that will help you save time and get organized. (2022-11)
Windows tips  (keywords: Windows, general)
Guide to USB cable types. (2022-11)
USB cable types  (keywords: Computers, hardware, USB)
The man who gatecrashes funerals - Bill Edgar, the "Coffin Confessor". (14-min. video) (2022-11)
"Coffin Convessor"  (keywords: Health, deathPeople, general)
Fix "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" error when browsing in Windows. (2022-11)
"ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" error  (keywords: Windows, Windows, troubleshooting)
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