Web Page Reviews - 1999 - December

It's coming up on that favorite shopping season of the year. We offer you some web sites where you can happily spend your kids' inheritance. Hope this makes Santa's job a little easier. Afterwards, we will try to direct you away from those leeches (the retailers, not the kids), and provide you with some free visual and audible stimulation. They say the season needs to be full of music and color, and many of these sites are just that. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from the WEB WATCH GUYS! (1999-12)
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Have you even started? Well, these sites may help you keep that Christmas spirit. (1999-12)
Have you seen QVC on television? Well, you can find it on the web also. And now you won't have to wait until 2:00 AM to find that unique set of weights for that special guy or gal in your life. All you need to do is search for it at: (1999-12)
QVC  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Are you ready to look at some of the finer retail stores from London, Paris, and Beverly Hills? We have just the place at: (1999-12)
Shopping the World  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Are you having just too many left over meals? Maybe you want something a little different for Christmas dinner. You can have a gourmet meal any time you want and without all the hassle. Give this site a try. (1999-12)
Cook Express  (keywords: Cooking, general)
Don't forget the music. You can get personalized CDs at: (1999-12)
K-Tel  (keywords: Music, general)
Wait a minute, I haven't even put up the decorations yet. Well you can get everything you need for trimming the tree (and even the tree), right down to the wrapping paper at: (1999-12)
Christmas Depot  (keywords: Holidays, general)
Do you like fresh flowers? You can have specialty flowers delivered so they will be at their freshest and fullest. (1999-12)
Flower bud  (keywords: Gardening, general)
Do you like that personal touch? Do you want to go out and actually see what you are buying? Shop Now is one site that I found very helpful in locating a store close by. (1999-12)
Are you looking for a new suit or that perfect dress to wear for this holiday season or just something to keep you warm around the house? Look no farther. Lands End has some really nice clothing for someone special or something just for you. (1999-12)
Lands End  (keywords: RetailShopping, general)
Shop online for the finest fruit and food gifts. These are naturally wholesome, universally appealing, and perfect for the whole family or office. This is the year round gift source for every occasion! (1999-12)
Harry and David  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Are you planning a party? I have just the spot to order those gourmet items such as Macadamia Chicken Tenders, lobster strudel triangles, and beef Wellington. Some what pricey, though. (1999-12)
Holiday foods  (keywords: Cooking, generalFood, general)
Let's not forget those old favorite places for shopping. (1999-12)
Sears  (keywords: Retail)
J C Penney  (keywords: Retail)
Macys  (keywords: Retail)
This site uses Java to show planets and stars based on the day and time. It is visual and interactive. Cool site at: (1999-12)
Sky Calendar  (keywords: CalendarsSpace, general)
A compendium of colored balls, rotating and revolving among themselves. Click the various buttons to change size, speed, color, and design. Download freeware or shareware version to play or use as a screensaver. (1999-12)
Feel a little ill prepared when challenging your doctor or auto mechanic? This site will help. It supplies an inner exploration of Human Anatomy and Automobiles. Each topic has animations, hundreds of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links. (1999-12)
Inner auto  (keywords: Automotive, generalReference, general)
Electron microscopy and light microscopy pictures are as fascinating as they are tiny. You haven't seen a garden spider or a mosquito until you've seen one illuminated and hued like this. (Maybe before you consider dinner…) (1999-12)
Kunkel microscopy  (keywords: Education, general)
This is an interactive Guide to Optical Illusions. Explore interactive optical effects, illusions, distortions, animations, artwork, stories, Adobe® PDF projects, games and more. Choose a category and start exploring over seventy colorful exhibits and activities. (1999-12)
Sand Lot Science  (keywords: Illusions)
Follow the human gestation period from conception to birth. This site chronicles the changes that individual days, weeks, and months of pregnancy bring, in vivid words and pictures. Free access with registration. (1999-12)
Pregnancy calendar - first 9 months  (keywords: CalendarsReference, medical)
The Wav Jumpgate alphabetically lists over 300 active sound sites. Also links to many Midi, MP3, Real Audio, and sound software sites. (1999-12)
A site with spoken and music .wav files for kids and adults. (1999-12)
Key: Green: active web sites - - Red: inactive web sites
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