Web Page Reviews - 2000 - April

So you wanna, but you dunno how? This site ought to help out. Simple yet thorough explanations guide you through a wide range of activities. (2000-04)
For lighthouse fans, here are some websites with photos and descriptions and history of lighthouses of the Great Lakes and US and Canada seashores. (Although some sites want you to purchase photos, there are still many photos to view online.) (2000-04)
Florida Lighthouses  (keywords: LighthousesTravel, FL)
Online privacy continues to be a popular subject of conversation. To learn more about protecting yourself against cyber stalking, contact these sites. (2000-04)
Privacy Rights Clearing House  (keywords: Internet, security)
Women Halting Online Abuse  (keywords: Charities)
Useless Site of the Month...actually for MANY months: "Home of the most useless games on the net!", plus perpetual bubble wrap, singing cows, UFO Attack, and other losers. (2000-04)
Urban 75 - useless games  (keywords: Games, general)
Got enough clipart? No? A visit here should satisfy you for a while. Includes animated clipart and links to dozens of similar sites. (2000-04)
Barry's Clip Art  (keywords: Graphics, general)
So, you are wondering how well you are speeding through the internet? This site will display your present line speed. Go here and click on "Speed Test" and wait for the screen to refresh. (Wow! A useful site!!!) (2000-04)
This is an alternative site for digging up IRS forms and related federal and state tax info, in addition to links to various tax and financial related sites, all with the goal of helping you pay your fair minimum. (2000-04)
1040  (keywords: Finances, taxes)
Gotta know the answer now? Just ask Jeeves. This site allows you to pose any question and get a prompt response. Great for kid's homework and competing to be a millionaire. (Site address has been shortened from (2000-04)
Ask  (keywords: Reference, general)
Possibly the most valuable single knowledge site available, with numerous references and related site links. This one's definitely worth adding to your favorites/bookmarks list. (2000-04)
Ref desk  (keywords: Reference, general)
These PC performance resources form an extensive database of information, providing both the novice and the technically advanced reader with a better understanding. It also has tools for optimizing, troubleshooting and customizing of your system, such as Internet performance adjustments, Windows tweaks, over clocking guides, and more. (2000-04)
Speed guide  (keywords: Internet, general)
The Eclectic Gallery has poetry, classic art (you will recognize many of these), graphic art (including the Road Kill Cafe, among other web graphic subsites), and philosophy libraries (works of Jung, Jefferson, Plato, Paine, Confucius, Franklin, and others you were supposed to learn about in high school). Mucho clip art included in the graphic art collection. (2000-04)
A compendium of everything entertaining (or so they suggest), including movies, music, online classic games, TV (including cable and satellite system schedules), and general news. (2000-04)
Hungry for travel, but broke? Take a virtual tour of the Tower of London, including good photos, but rather annoying music. (2000-04)
A collection of career management tools, including personality and skills assessment, career advice, job search tools, news, and relaxing entertainment (career word search and hangman). Not just a 'job board'. (2000-04)
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