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Old games don't work in modern OS's because their codes are obsolete and are no longer supported. But here are a few tricks to play old games in Windows 10. (2021-09)
Play old games on Windows 10  (keywords: Games, generalWindows, Windows 10, games)
Fill rows of pieces to score points. (2016-12)
Fill rows for points  (keywords: Games, general)
Can you match the two parts of these odd facts? (14 different quizzes) (2016-12)
Match parts of facts  (keywords: Games, general)
Collection of 16 'best free PC games'. Some require the free Steam Entertainment Platform installed (for Windows, Mac, and Linux). (2016-01)
16 free games  (keywords: Games, general)
Although a subscription website for teachers, there are categories of optical illusions and simple (maybe) games for free use. (2012-02)
E-chalk  (keywords: Games, generalIllusions)
Lots of riddles, murder mysteries, I.Q. tests, and brain teasers (2011-03)
Riddle now  (keywords: Games, general)
How is your memory for faces? Try it here. (2009-02)
Face memory  (keywords: Games, general)
Test your global geography knowledge. (2006-05)
Geography quiz  (keywords: Games, generalGeography, generalPCs, entertainment)
How well do you know US geography? Play States web games here. (2005-05)
States web games  (keywords: Games, generalGeography, generalPCs, entertainment)
Play Movie Hangman. (2004-10)
Moovees - movie hangman  (keywords: Games, generalPCs, entertainment)
Hundreds of game, utility, and screensaver/wallpaper files for free downloading. (2003-12)
Winsite - free  (keywords: Games, generalSoftware, general)
Some mindless fun. Fly a helicopter through a maze. (2003-11)
Hurtwood - copter  (keywords: Games, general)
Collection of over 1000 free software programs for PCs (no demos or shareware). Many are reviewed and rated. (2003-09)
Game Hippo  (keywords: Games, general)
Gamers will find these sites useful. They contain selected game reviews/previews (some Xbox and PS2 also), patches, hardware drivers, demos, articles, and more. (2002-02)
File Planet  (keywords: Games, general)
There just doesn't seem to be enough sports on TV. Addicts can head here for fantasy games of pro basketball, baseball, football, hockey, racing and golf. (2000-05)
ESPN - fantasy games  (keywords: Games, general)
Useless Site of the Month...actually for MANY months: "Home of the most useless games on the net!", plus perpetual bubble wrap, singing cows, UFO Attack, and other losers. (2000-04)
Urban 75 - useless games  (keywords: Games, general)

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