Web Page Reviews - 2002 - October

This site contains extensive reviews and side by side comparisons of digital cameras, with sample photos, color patches and resolution charts of each camera, plus a discussion forum and glossary of digital terms, and vast photo galleries. (2002-10)
DP Review  (keywords: Photography, generalPublications)
The Federal Highway Administration manages a site of 36 National Scenic Byways, with history, navigation, maps, photos and stories of the scenic locations. (2002-10)
Byways  (keywords: Travel, general)
No, not real corpses, but real fake corpses. Movie special effects that can make your place look just like Norman Bates', but without the funky fragrance. (2002-10)
Distefano  (keywords: Movies, general)
Chip designers again with too much time on their hands, but still artistic. (2002-10)
D.I.Y. home decor and recipes for the morbidly inclined. Just the site you need to make your Goth world a little gloomier. It's not a "Good Thing." (2002-10)
Gothic Martha Stewart  (keywords: Home, general)
Take the interactive test to determine whether you have what it takes to be an airline baggage screener. (See the link to "Interactive: You be the airport baggage screener".) (2002-10)
MSNBC - airport security  (keywords: Airline, general)
No, not food; it's recipes for making realistic fake blood, sweat, saliva, and vomit. Originally for public safety personnel simulating casualty injuries, but also great fun at parties. Eeewww! (2002-10)
Patrollers in sports  (keywords: Sports, general)
Hey Buddy, have the time? How much time? This actuarial clock will count down the final minutes until your calculated demise. (2002-10)
Death clock  (keywords: Fun)
Locate celebrities' final resting places. See Disney on ice (!). You know, I almost saw Elvis once, but then my shovel broke. (2002-10)
Take a peek into other people's lives through found photos, notes, letters, and doodles. (2002-10)
A pretty detailed look at how Hollywood movie quality monster costumes are made. (2002-10)
Has this ever happened to you? A friend calls and says "I think I clicked something wrong...?" (2002-10)
Download the internet  (keywords: Fun)
The tools, techniques, and patterns you need to help carve a unique pumpkin. Includes info on longevity and smells, what to do with the innards, FAQ, and a gallery of creations. (2002-10)
The Canon Camera Museum offers displays of successive generations of cameras, digital cameras, and lenses, and the lens manufacturing process. View newspaper advertisements and catalogs from the time products were launched as well as block diagrams and photograph samples. (2002-10)
Canon camera museum  (keywords: Museum, generalPhotography, general)
A collection of ghoulish entertainment, with links to vampire/werewolf/witch/ghost sites, cemetery locators, spooky tales, Halloween history, costumes and props, horrendous humor and games. (2002-10)
Halloween  (keywords: Holidays, Halloween)
This site reconciles travelers' expectations with reality. Dangerous places and things, how to prepare for danger, and what do to if you are caught up in a dangerous situation. (2002-10)
Come back alive  (keywords: Travel, general)
A useful site for beachcombers includes how to identify your fans, urchins and sponges, tips for cleaning and preserving, and ideas for displaying your finds. (2002-10)
Sea shells  (keywords: Reference, general)
Whatever happens, it could (almost) always be worse. It could be one of these "bad things that can happen to you." (Remember, we don't write 'em, we just report 'em.) (2002-10)
For a humorous, animated look at politics and news of the world. (2002-10)
Mark Fiore  (keywords: Humor, generalPolitics)
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