Web Page Reviews - 2003 - December

Lyrics World contains song lyrics to hundreds of tunes dated from 1930-1999, searchable by tune or artist. Also, top tunes by decade. (2003-12)
This Day In Music delivers music related history, multiple hit lists, chart facts, music awards, richest artists, and artist biographies. (2003-12)
A question/answer site for learning about retirement planning and investing through 401k, 403b, IRA, and other financial vehicles. Start with their "Fundamentals" section. (2003-12)
How do you know whether a charitable organization is reputable? This site collects and distributes info on hundreds of such organizations. Browse their Charity Reports to separate administrative costs from program funds. How is your donation really being spent? (2003-12)
Give  (keywords: Charities)
For car buffs, this site contains pictures and descriptions of concept, classic, dream, and production cars, as well as pictures from auto shows and events. You can get lost in this terrific expansive collection. (2003-12)
Concept Carz  (keywords: Automotive, general)
View thousands of paintings and sculptures at the National Gallery of Art. Searchable by artist or title. (2003-12)
National Gallery of Art  (keywords: Art, generalGovernment, general)
The latest new search engine. Can't be beat! (2003-12)
View works of contemporary Uruguayan artists in this Virtual Museum of Art. (2003-12)
Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais  (keywords: Art, general)
The sites of San Francisco's Exploratorium and England's Exploratory Science Centre are similar museums of science, art, and human perception, with virtual demonstrations, experiments, and illusions. Lots to do and learn. (2003-12)
Exploratorium  (keywords: Science, general)
A source of things to do (not all of them stupid) for CB, ham, shortwave and scanner radios, with many addictive links. (2003-12)
The Reverse Dictionary lets you describe a concept, whether a word, phrase, sentence or a question) and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. (2003-12)
One look - reverse dictionary  (keywords: Reference, general)
Browse the Old Computer museum (by name/company/year) with pictures and profiles of 800 antiques, along with a collection of game consoles. (2003-12)
You can't ride 'em now, but you can still imagine the terror, the screaming, and the tossing of cookies, on these roller coasters and thrill rides. The first site has ride history, reviews, specs, a record book and pictures. The second site displays pictures of 22 roller coasters. (2003-12)
Joy rides  (keywords: Amusement parks)
A vast collection of original photography from around the state of Michigan. Desktop enhancements including wallpaper and screen savers are offered. Maps and web cams, too. (2003-12)
Picture Michigan  (keywords: Travel, MI)
Hundreds of game, utility, and screensaver/wallpaper files for free downloading. (2003-12)
Winsite - free  (keywords: Games, generalSoftware, general)
The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices features pictures and descriptions of outlandish gadgets with equally outlandish medical claims. (2003-12)
Here you can explore the art of pinhole photography. At the first site, click on Gallery or Directory to view photographic samples. The second and third sites contain some pinhole history and info and specs for building your own camera. (2003-12)
Unless you have a date as a game show contestant, much of what is found here will prove to be trivial knowledge, but it will pass the time. (2003-12)
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