Web Page Reviews - 2012 - September

Real life interactive video situation forces you to make critical choices and walks you through saving a life. (2012-09)
Tune your digital guitar and learn to play chords and progressions or jam away with your own new creations. (2012-09)
All guitar chords  (keywords: Music, lessons)
Select an exercise type or select a body type to strengthen and tone then view appropriate videos for your choices. (2012-09)
Penn and Teller explain sleight of hand. (2012-09)
Use this USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine which plants will grow well in your region. Click on your state or enter your zip code. (2012-09)
Plant hardiness  (keywords: Gardening, generalPlants, general)
Cryptogram and hang man games. Click on 'ciphers' or 'men'. (2012-09)
Hang-man  (keywords: Games, online)
Collection of ten tribute videos dedicated to the late great Carl Sagan, with breath taking cinematography. (2012-09)
Carl Sagan  (keywords: Space, general)
Fast and easy free open source graphics application for digital painters, including a large brush collection of charcoal and ink to emulate real media. (2012-09)
Free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. Download or use online version. (2012-09)
Sweet Home 3D  (keywords: Home, designSoftware, open source)
Over 13,000 railroad videos for train enthusiasts. Search by locomotive type, railroad, location, and more. (2012-09)
Rail videos  (keywords: Trains, generalTransportation, railroads)
Upload an animated GIF to play it back in reverse. (2012-09)
Scientific reviews of the latest ovens from every major brand. Search by type, brand, price, or need. (2012-09)
Over 5,000 maps representing many different time periods and regions, some dating back to the 1700's. (2012-09)
Historic maps  (keywords: Maps, general)
Game of 'Deal Or No Deal'. (2012-09)
View the universe from largest to smallest entity. Best viewed in full screen. Click on 'Sizes of the Universe poster' to download complete image. (2012-09)
A series of videos which promise "30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS". (2012-09)
Forgotten places and urban curiosities. Search among abandoned, architecture, military, art, and travel. (2012-09)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, generalArt, generalMilitary, generalTravel, general)
Toggle squares on and off to create musical sounds. (2012-09)
Control helicopter around barriers using only the left mouse button. But crashing is inevitable. (2012-09)
For your next curiosity visit to a library: Dewey Decimal System - a guide to call numbers. Includes a link to "How to Read a Call Number". (2012-09)
Ever shrinking circles. (2012-09)
Shrinking circles  (keywords: Entertainment, online, generalUseless)
Make music online with audio workstation synthesizers and live effects. View "Features" tab to get acquainted, then "Open Studio" to start playing. (2012-09)
Various animations show how to prepare clothing and accessories in the art of packing three sizes of luggage. (2012-09)
Art of packing  (keywords: Art, packingTravel, preparation)
Alphabetical list of all 55,000+ articles on the 'How Stuff Works' website. (2012-09)
How Stuff Works list  (keywords: How and How To)
Search among 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr by color. Select up to 5 colors at a time. (2012-09)
Flickr color search  (keywords: Photography, search)
Cameras of yesteryear. (2012-09)
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