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Avast defends data harvesting, plans to get users to agree to it. (2020-03)
Avast info collection concerns  (keywords: Security, software)
Report: Avast and AVG collect and sell your personal information via their free antivirus programs. (2020-03)
Avast/AVG info collection concerns  (keywords: Security, software)
If you are using Avast anti-virus products (for example, Avast Online Security or Avast Security Browser), be aware of the privacy concerns raised in this article, which indicates that you are likely being spied upon. (2020-01)
Are Avast products spying?  (keywords: Security, software)
Kaspersky's stellar antivirus software finally goes free. (2017-09)
Kaspersky free  (keywords: Security, software)
Five suggested free anti-malware products to safeguard your PC. (2016-05)
Free antimalware tools  (keywords: Computers, securitySecurity, softwareWindows, security)
Four things to consider when buying a Security Suite (or settling for a free one). (2016-03)
Security Suites  (keywords: Security, softwareSoftware, security)

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