Web Page Reviews - 2017 - January

Start learning Linux in minutes with this extensive beginner's guide. (2017-01)
Learn Linux  (keywords: Linux, training)
Whether you choose Linux, Windows, or Mac, there are numerous free and open-source software ('FOSS') applications available that do the same thing as the expensive software you might be used to. (2017-01)
FOSS  (keywords: Software, free)
Does privacy exist anymore? Just barely. (2017-01)
Does privacy exist  (keywords: Security, privacy)
50 lesser known useful Linux commands (a 5-part article). (2017-01)
Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
Which laptop CPU is right for you? (Article does not cover AMD processors much.) (2017-01)
Laptop CPUs  (keywords: Computers, hardware, CPU)
Learn how to develop a logical Windows folder structure, and save yourself loads of time locating your files. (2017-01)
Logical Windows folder structure  (keywords: Windows, files & folders)
10 reasons why consumers should buy business laptops. (2017-01)
Business laptops  (keywords: Computers, purchase)
The perfect laptop? Here's what it should have. (2017-01)
Perfect laptop  (keywords: Computers, purchase)
Use "Reset This PC" to fix major problems in Windows 10 and Windows 8. Caution: This is a last-resort solution for serious issues. (2017-01)
Reset this PC  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
What a year on Earth really looks like. (10 min. video) (2017-01)
Year on Earth  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
Photographs, directions, histories, and GPS coordinates of every U.S. lighthouse and of several Canadian lighthouses. (2017-01)
Lighthouse GPS  (keywords: Lighthouses)
16 commands to check hardware information on Linux. (2017-01)
Linux hardware info  (keywords: Linux, general)
Over 2,500 free (and downloadable) Cheat Sheets, Revision Aids, and Quick References (home/garden, language/culture, Windows/Linux, hobbies/leisure, and more). (2017-01)
Cheatography  (keywords: Miscellaneous)
20 funny terminal commands of Linux. (2017-01)
Funny Linux commands  (keywords: Linux, general)
Affordable gaming PCs for 2016. (2017-01)
Gaming PCs 2016  (keywords: Computers, general)
Having computer hardware problems? Here's a free tool to help detect them. (2017-01)
Hardware problem tool  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
100 places that will give you free stuff on your birthday. (2017-01)
Free birthday stuff  (keywords: Food, freeShopping, free)
PC Speed Up is technically not a virus, but it does exhibit plenty of malicious traits, such as rootkit capabilities and browser hijacking. It often downloads with other reputable software and can be challenging to remove. Here are some tips to getting rid of it. (2017-01)
PC Speed Up  (keywords: Security, general)
5 ways to back up your data. Pick one and do it, before you lose it! (2017-01)
Back up data  (keywords: Computers, backup)
Why you shouldn't buy a touch-screen laptop. (2017-01)
Touch-screenlaptop  (keywords: Computers, shopping)
How to download and install iOS 10 on an iPad. (2017-01)
iOS 10 on iPad  (keywords: Apple, iPad)
9 ways to speed up your Windows computer. (2017-01)
Make Windows PC faster  (keywords: Windows, general)
13 ways to make a slow laptop faster. (2017-01)
Slow laptop  (keywords: Computers, troubleshooting)
How to tell if you can upgrade your laptop. (You don't have to buy memory from to use their fine memory upgrade adviser tool.) (2017-01)
Upgrade your laptop?  (keywords: Computers, troubleshooting)
A guide to computer ports and adapters; why all the different cables? (2017-01)
Ports & adapters  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
How computers boot up. What happens before the Linux operating system displays on your monitor? Windows and Mac systems have similar procedures. (2017-01)
PC boot up  (keywords: Computers, general)
Top Secret Drum Corps is a precision drum corps based in Basel, Switzerland, and performs at events around Europe and North America. Many short videos here. You may get addicted. (2017-01)
Top Secret Drum Corps  (keywords: Music, musical groups)
10 quick ways to speed up a slow PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10. (2017-01)
Speed up Windows  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
A downloadable infographic shows the opposing temperature extremes and significant temperatures in between. (2017-01)
Temperature extremes  (keywords: Science, general)
Home repair and do it yourself articles. (2017-01)
Stop unwanted calls and texts from hitting your cell phone. (2017-01)
Unwanted phone calls  (keywords: Phones, general)
How to change Windows 10's task bar color, but leave the Start menu and Action Center untouched. (2017-01)
Windows 10 task bar color  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
The Internet in Real Time. Want to know what else happens in single second online? (2017-01)
Real time Internet  (keywords: Internet, general)
We're all aware that Google makes dubious use of our data. Why not switch to providers that better protect our privacy? Here's a list of 4 search engine alternatives. (2017-01)
Other search engines  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
How well do you know your windows keyboard shortcuts? (Quiz) (2017-01)
Windows keyboard shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, keyboard)
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