Time, general (12)

World time maps, clocks, and directory. (2016-02)
24 time zones  (keywords: Time, general)
Accurate and reliable information on times, world clock and time zones, printable calendars, date calculators, sun and moon phases, weather, timers and time counters, and more. (2014-02)
Time & date  (keywords: Time, general)
What time is it? (2009-09)
Scrolling time  (keywords: Time, general)
Unique cyber time piece. (2009-06)
Time beat  (keywords: Time, general)
Once loaded, this online alarm clock will work even if internet connection goes down. (2008-09)
Kukuklok  (keywords: Time, general)
Unique 'polar clock' Downloadable as a screen saver. Select "PolarClock". (2007-09)
Polar clock  (keywords: PCs, time, Time, general)
The why's and when's of DST, including the new schedules starting with 2007. (2005-12)
DST change  (keywords: Calendars, Time, general)
Unusual block clock. (2005-03)
Block clock  (keywords: Time, general)
Photos from around the world being used to tell time. Click on "view the clock"; also view the gallery. (2005-01)
Human clock  (keywords: Curiosity, Time, general)
Find accurate time anywhere in the world. (2005-01)
World Time Server  (keywords: Time, general)
What time is it? This site displays the official US time for various time zones. Site also links to exhibits on timekeeping history, calendars, clock mechanisms, and the why's of DST. (2001-04)
Time  (keywords: Government, general, Time, general)
Here's a sampling of quality MP3 sites for amassing a collection of tunes, some free, some for a fee. (2000-01)
Listen  (keywords: Music, general)
Rioport  (keywords: Music, general)
MP3  (keywords: Music, general)
Riffage  (keywords: Music, general)
MP3 Now  (keywords: Music, general)
Time Digital  (keywords: Time, general)

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