Web Page Reviews - 2002 - December

When planning your next adventure, view seating arrangements on various commercial aircraft models here. (2002-12)
Seat guru  (keywords: Airline, general)
View old websites as far back as 1996, and old video clips, Computer Chronicles episodes, and a Macromedia software library. All free to access. Requires registration. (2002-12)
Internet archive  (keywords: Internet, general)
How much to you really know about investing? Taken a look at your portfolio lately? HAH! Let's just see how investing savvy you REALLY are by taking this test. (2002-12)
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Fast Food Junkies unite! Find the fast food restaurants in your city, compare menus and nutritional info (not exactly unbiased, though) and then discuss/debate them in the site forums. (2002-12)
Fast food source  (keywords: Food, general)
Many categories of books at 75% off. You might just find that gem here that you've been digging for. (2002-12)
Many Detroit natives will fondly remember the old Boblo boats from the 50's. Although they are presently in disrepair, they may be preparing for a comeback. Here are colorful photos and postcards of the ships, plus specs, logs, crew lists, and links to other maritime related sites. (2002-12)
You can get a lot of great pictures, and a program to cycle these pictures for a screen saver, and wallpaper. You can also get new shots each day, or search their large library of pictures. (2002-12)
Web Shots  (keywords: Internet, general)
Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests and calls to action to see if they are Truth or Fiction. (2002-12)
Truth or fiction  (keywords: Reference, general)
This site will keep you busy for hours. Collections of old newspaper ads, matchbook covers, really bad newspaper comics, pictures of old motels and diners, grotesque building sculptures, and more. (2002-12)
Lileks  (keywords: History, generalReference, general)
Feeling nosey? Take a look at various proboscis canis, nice and cold, at Dog Nose Heaven. (2002-12)
Useless site of the month: Ever wanted to hold the mayo? At the Condiment Packet Museum you can dream of holding all sorts of containers of mayo, and salt, and creamer, and soy sauce, and… (2002-12)
For website builders. A warehouse full of site components, such as scripts, HTML editors, tutorials, graphics tools, backgrounds, clipart, hit counters...everything you need, and mostly free. (2002-12)
Really big  (keywords: Internet, general)
Find instructions for the novice do it yourselfer to fix that leaky toilet, as well as many other home repairs. This site includes many easy to follow articles, along with a glossary of housing terms and hand tool descriptions. (2002-12)
You decide whether the medical advice here is right for you. However, the Heart Point gallery provides detailed animated graphics of many complex cardiac procedures. There is also an extensive cholesterol info section, and miscellaneous food and health tips. (2002-12)
Heart Point  (keywords: Health, general)
An image collection of travel and hotel brochures, advertising postcards and posters, ocean liner timetables, luggage labels and tags of the 20's and 30's from around the world. (2002-12)
Travel brochure graphics  (keywords: Travel, general)
Dig through hundreds of vintage radio broadcasts. Audio samples range from the 50's through the 90's. All sound clips are in RealAudio format. Dozens of collections of samples and associated historical info. (2002-12)
Reel radio  (keywords: History, general)
There's plenty of noise to be found on the Internet. Enter your request here, and this site will deliver. View sound graphs for each sound file, and preview sounds before downloading. Site also finds 'similar' sounds. (2002-12)
Find sounds  (keywords: Sounds)
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