Web Page Reviews - 2003 - October

Enter the size of the file you want to download and discover the time required with various connections. Is there time for a pizza? (2003-10)
Martindale Center time calculator  (keywords: Internet, general)
The "Original Internet Software Resource" is a collection of downloadable software (free/share/commercial/beta), primary for use with the Internet (browsers, plug ins, etc.). (2003-10)
A collection of vanity license plates text. (2003-10)
Vanity License Plates  (keywords: Automotive, general)
License plates of the world. (2003-10)
World license plates  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Canadian license plates including antique, vanity, political, military, and cycle. Description of the manufacturing process. (2003-10)
What does that mean? The personal stories behind license plates. (2003-10)
Vanity plates  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Microsoft's Support Webcasts page lists live technical presentations on MS products ranging from servers and networking to desktop applications and games. Can't make a live show? Click on Past Support Webcasts for archived presentations. (2003-10)
Microsoft's Support Webcasts  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
This tutorial discusses basic concepts of IP addresses, including address classes and subnet addressing. (2003-10)
WRQ - IP fundamentals tutorial  (keywords: Computers, general)
A color choice game that will (supposedly) "reveal your financial, fashionable, romantic and friendly traits." (Select "English", then "Color & I".) (2003-10)
These sites contain food and beverage recipes that mimic productions from well and lesser known restaurants and food manufacturers. (2003-10)
Copy Kat  (keywords: Food, general)
Top secret recipes  (keywords: Cooking, general)
Shopping for a digital camera? This site collects descriptions, professional and consumer reviews, and comparisons between cameras, plus online pricing (beware that you don't buy a camera without a USA warranty). Also articles on buying cautions, batteries, memory cards, digital SLRs, and imaging software. (2003-10)
An online mind reader. (2003-10)
View nutritional facts for meals offered at popular restaurants and fast food outlets. Source of information is noted for each meal selection. (2003-10)
Oakland County Road Commission site contains an interactive map of the county, indicating real time driving conditions and congestion status, with web cam pictures. Also, read up on current and future road construction/repair projects to avoid. (2003-10)
Road Commission of Oakland County  (keywords: Reference, general)
AMD offers many useful documents for AMD system builders and users: processor recognition, build/installation guides, processor/heat sink installation videos, and more. (2003-10),,30_182_9342,00.html,,30_182_9417,00.html
Currency converter, covering over 180 world currencies. (2003-10)
XE  (keywords: Reference, general)
Sources of American idioms. Find out why you say what you say. (2003-10)
Idiom site  (keywords: Education, generalIdioms)
Mackinac Bridge Authority site has history, web cams, weather conditions, and a gallery of bridge pictures in all seasons. (2003-10)
Mackinac Bridge  (keywords: Travel, MI)
Info on all States with links to history, topology, government, politics, climate, photo galleries, flags, public records, symbols, state birds/trees/songs, and more. (2003-10)
A collection of rather unique sites appropriate for the Halloween holiday season. A little humor, a little shock, a little awe, a little disgust. Something for everyone! (2003-10)
"Wild Eyes & Crazy Lenses" Colored contacts for Halloween. Think those baby blues peeking out from behind the mask make your costume look a little too mundane? Try animal patterned contact lenses like cats' eyes, or space out with the alien look. Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get them peepers?! (2003-10)
"Bad Candy" the granddaddy of all bad food sites. There, Mark and Ben eat, then review, the worst treats in the world, not for pleasure, but as a solemn scientific duty, so that others may live. (2003-10)
"Fake Teeth and Hippie Hats" Vampire / Werewolf fangs and a complete line of false teeth that make bubbas in "Deliverance" look good by comparison. They still sell the Austin Powers look, but have sadly discontinued the Dave Letterman model. Smile… er, never mind. (2003-10)
Fake teeth  (keywords: CostumesHolidays, Halloween)
"The Truly Dangerous Company Alien Autopsy" Following their example to make your own "(bleepin') real live dead alien", and you too, can fool the Fox Network. (2003-10)
True Dangerous Company  (keywords: Holidays, Halloween)
"National Academy of Mortuary Science" Looking for a job where you can wear a black suit and a deadpan expression? Or just want to practice cosmetology on customers who never complain? Well for only $395 you can become a certified Mortuary Technician. The really creepy part of this is that it's a Study at Home, correspondence course. (2003-10)
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