Web Page Reviews - 2003 - September

Create a free account at this site, and have a convenient location to track your rebate submissions. (2003-09)
New service from Google that makes it easy to find information about products for sale online by locating stores that sell the item you want to find. (2003-09)
Smart shopping through Google  (keywords: Shopping, general)
A collection of consumers' ratings of 4000 online computer product retailers. (2003-09)
Reseller ratings  (keywords: Consumers)
A collection of PC hardware reviews, discussion forums, and pricing and buyer's guides. (2003-09)
Sharky extreme  (keywords: Computers, info)
Loads of free software for Palm PDAs: financial, games, medical, travel, utilities, and more. (2003-09)
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"Home of the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit." Tour inside and outside views of many vacant dinosaurs of Detroit. A few of the tour stops have short demolition videos. (Click on TOUR THE RUINS link near the top of the web page. Each of the three resulting options is worth a visit.) (2003-09)
Detroit Yes  (keywords: Local, generalTravel, MI)
Collection of over 1000 free software programs for PCs (no demos or shareware). Many are reviewed and rated. (2003-09)
Game Hippo  (keywords: Games, general)
Over 16,000 recipes can be searched by ingredient, course, preparation method, and nutrition. With food/drink/wine dictionaries, wine guide, fancy dishes slideshows, and more. (2003-09)
Epicurious  (keywords: Food, general)
National nonprofit organization promoting socially responsible investing. (2003-09)
"Simply Stated provides credible, trustworthy, and easy to understand disease based content that is reviewed and approved by a third party advisory board that includes medical experts, patients, and health literacy and education specialists." (2003-09)
A vast collection of puzzles, games, optical illusions and a do not click button. (2003-09)
Brain bashers  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
See celebrities as they didn't want you to see them. Confidential documents and mug shots of your favorite star's, artist's and musician's odd demands. (2003-09)
The Smoking Gun  (keywords: Reference, documents)
Enter your date of birth and see what happened so many years ago. (2003-09)
Age Gage  (keywords: Entertainment, general)
Ever use the fdisk command? Here is a simulation of what you would see and the operation of the numerous options. (2003-09)
Demonstrating the Installing/reinstalling of various flavors of the Windows O/S, plus info on backups, building PCs, troubleshooting, and more. Tutorials!!! (Some are free, many require fee membership.) (2003-09)
Windows reinstall  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
Data on car thefts by state. (Also read the 'entire press release'.) (2003-09)
NASA's astronomy picture of the day. Some terrific photography, including aerial pictures of sections of the earth. See view of Mt. Etna's 1/2/03 eruption from the International Space Station, plus hundreds more. (2003-09)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, generalPhotography, generalSpace, general)
This file extension source contains a detailed database of file extensions and programs that use them. Searchable. (2003-09)
File Extension Source  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
Dozens of weather and nonweather related photo galleries. Search by category or by photographer. Floods, storms, lighthouses, insects, pets, sports, birds, bridges, and more. (2003-09)
Nothing to do? Want to waste some time? Watch a bad movie. Reviews, lessons learned, special scenes to look for, sound and video clips, images. (2003-09)
Bad movies  (keywords: Entertainment, generalMovies, general)
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