Web Page Reviews - 2005 - June

Ten Commandments of PC Security. (2005-06),aid,113175,00.asp
Spell words with picture characters. (2005-06)
Stupid computer tricks as discovered by a tech support individual. (2005-06)
Memorability and Security of Passwords - a university study, with recommendations. (2005-06)
Elliot Sadler's 2003 Talladega NASCAR racecar flip. Download video, then view it. (2005-06)
Which search engine to use for your search? One surfer's collection. (2005-06)
Movie gallery of actual shredding - from the ordinary but tough, to the surprising. (2005-06)
Shredding anything  (keywords: Curiosity)
Browse this artist's unique abstract artwork created through computer programming. Click each image for additional info. (2005-06)
Algorithm images  (keywords: Art, generalCuriosity)
CIA World Factbook knows just about everything about everyone. View/download Factbooks 2000 - 2005. (2005-06)
CIA World Facts  (keywords: Geography, generalGovernment, generalHistory, generalTrivia)
Original optical illusion artwork, plus numerous links to other optical illusion sites. (2005-06)
Optical illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Largest and most current Clinical Knowledge Base available to physicians and other healthcare professionals. (2005-06)
Consumer Health  (keywords: Health, general)
Ecology Picture of the Week - stories about plants, animals, ecosystems, and other aspects of the natural world. Search by date or category. (2005-06)
Morse code translator. (2005-06)
Morse code  (keywords: CuriositySecurity, general)
Pictorial homage to the ancient cassette tape cartridge. (2005-06)
Plumbing 101 - plumbing home improvement and repair DIY articles. Select "Plumbing 101" near bottom of site. (2005-06)
Rolling Stone's 2nd edition of the 500 greatest songs of all time; fodder for debate and discussion. (2005-06)
News, views and reviews about laptop computers. (2005-06)
Laptop info  (keywords: Computers, info)
Extreme structural engineering with pocket change. (2005-06)
Penny pictures  (keywords: Art, generalCreations)
Classic car TV commercials. (2005-06)
Car commercials  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Surrealistic artwork of artist, whose images graced covers of many popular 70's/80's pop music albums. (2005-06)
Art of Roger Dean  (keywords: Art, general)
The Baseball Cube - stats for major, minor, and college leagues. (2005-06)
Enjoy these artists' witty words into pictures into words creations. Click your mouse whenever you feel it is necessary. (2005-06)
The Labyrinth is the place to start when you need to know more about where Western civilization got its start. Highlights include links to the Bodleian Library's collection of illuminated manuscripts (available as JPG images) and Virginia Tech University's Gopher site featuring "The Canterbury Tales" in modern English. (2005-06)
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