Web Page Reviews - 2016 - May

How to tell if your computer is vulnerable to hackers. (2016-05)
Hacker vulnerability tools  (keywords: Computers, securityWindows, security)
How to use Windows 10's System Restore as a recovery tool. (2016-05)
System restore point  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
Extensive info on festivals, events, and attractions across Michigan. (2016-05)
Five suggested free anti-malware products to safeguard your PC. (2016-05)
Free antimalware tools  (keywords: Computers, securitySecurity, softwareWindows, security)
Once you've bought a Windows computer, you know you don't HAVE to BUY any software for it, right? Right! Here are 25 suggested free applications for Windows 10. (2016-05)
25 free apps for Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, softwareWindows, utilities)
Get the most out of Linux with these distros, software, games, and tips. (2016-05)
Linux distro tips  (keywords: Linux, general)
Downloadable quick start guides and keyboard shortcut cheat sheets for Adobe and Microsoft products and web browsers. Just click on the ones you want to download. (2016-05)
Keyboard cheat sheets  (keywords: Office suites, general)
When defaults are bad: How to pick a unique wireless channel for your router. (2016-05)
Router channel  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
Several hundred short food videos of salad and meal recipes (vegan and gluten-free, too), smoothies, snacks, soups, ingredients, how-tos, and more for the kitchen. (2016-05)
Short food videos  (keywords: Food, recipes)
How to write, format, and manage an SD Card in Linux. (2016-05)
SD cards in Linux  (keywords: Linux, storage)
Are you familiar with the terms Bits? Bytes? Bandwidth? Pipe size? Throughput? Upload and download speeds? Watch this 12-min. video about "Understanding Internet Speeds". (2016-05)
Internet speeds  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Creating order from chaos: nine great ideas for managing your computer files. (2016-05)
Managing PC files  (keywords: Computers, file organization)
Cyber Security 101: History, Threats, & Solutions (Although directed at businesses, there's much to learn here for individuals as well.) (23 min. video; Oct. 2014) (2016-05)
Cyber Security 101  (keywords: Security, general)
Revisit top 30 dangerous viruses and malware through 2014. Remember Brain? Stuxnet? ILoveYou? CryptoLocker? (27 min. video; Nov. 2014) (2016-05)
Virus history  (keywords: Security, history)
Four reasons why your Wi-Fi is so slow (and how to fix them). (2016-05)
Slow Wi-Fi  (keywords: Internet, speed)
View segments or complete seasons of the "Ask This Old House" PBS TV series, since 2004. Use Youtube's "Playlists" option to find a specific category or series. (2016-05)
Ask This Old House TV  (keywords: Home, maintenanceTelevision, shows, general)
Collection of reel to reel tape recorders (remember them??). (2016-05)
Reel to reel recorders  (keywords: Audio, equipment)
A comprehensive 12-video Intro to Computer Security. Lessons cover dependence on technology, information assets, threats, vulnerabilities, controls, confidentiality, integrity, availability, types of attackers, methods of defense, and multi-layered security. (2016-05)
Intro to Computer Science  (keywords: Computers, training)
4 free browser tools for privacy on the Net - Properly Paranoid. (8 min. video; Aug. 2015) (2016-05)
Browser privacy tools  (keywords: Internet, browsing, general)
Japanese beetle grubs? European chafer grubs? How to choose and when to apply grub control products for your lawn. (2016-05)
Grub control  (keywords: Gardening, pests)
How to set up a second hard drive in Windows: Partitioning. (2016-05)
Partitioning a hard drive  (keywords: Windows, partitioning)
Want to know what's taking up all the space on your hard drive? Run SpaceSniffer. (2016-05)
SpaceSniffer  (keywords: Windows, utilities)
How to install Linux Mint on your Windows PC. (2016-05)
Install Linux Mint  (keywords: Linux, distros)
How to secure Windows 10: The paranoid's guide. (2016-05)
Secure Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, security)
Collection of gardening information --- gardening how-to's by top garden writers, plant fact sheets and guide sheets, seasonal tips and garden techniques, garden recipes, and more. (2016-05)
Garden guides  (keywords: Gardening, general)
Ransomware scams are serious stuff. Should you pay up, or what else can you do? Here are your options, plus how to guard against ransomware. (2016-05)
Ransomware scams  (keywords: Computers, securitySecurity, ransomware)
Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro: What extra features do you get in Windows 10 Pro? (2016-05)
Windows 10 Home vs. Pro  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
Make Windows 7 & 8 libraries work for you. (2016-05)
Windows 7 & 8 libraries  (keywords: Windows, general)
Explore breathtaking 360-Degree views of Michigan with Google Trekker. (2016-05)
360-degree MI views  (keywords: Local, generalPhotography, panoramaTravel, MI)
5 folder secrets every Windows user needs to know. (2016-05)
Folder secrets  (keywords: Windows, general)
How to send encrypted emails the easy way: Get total email privacy regardless of your email provider - works with Gmail, Hotmail and more. (2016-05)
Encrypting emails  (keywords: Email, general)
How to delete your Snapchat account: Wave goodbye to annoying selfies and permanently delete your Snapchat account. (2016-05)
Delete Snapchat account  (keywords: Social, sites)
Why web sites are moving away from Flash (and towards HTML5). (2016-05)
From Flash to HTML5  (keywords: Internet, general)
One free trick to make an old computer run like new. (2016-05)
Old PC run like new  (keywords: Computers, Chrome OS)
How to back up Windows 10: Protect your data with File History, System Image.....and cloud storage backups (well, if you dare). (2016-05)
Backup Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, backup)
Best web browser 2016: Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge vs Safari vs IE and more. (2016-05)
Web browsers 2016  (keywords: Internet, browser, general)
How to record streaming audio using Audacity, the free multi-track audio editor and recorder software. (2016-05)
Record streaming audio  (keywords: Audio, streaming)
8 best free email services in 2016. (2016-05)
Free email services 2016  (keywords: Email, general)
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