Web Page Reviews - 2001 - November

With the recent events we find ourselves in a new and not better world. The Federal Center for Disease Control has a web site that contains information on anthrax. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions. For the most accurate and up to date information go to: (2001-11)
CDC - disease information  (keywords: Government, generalMedical, general)
It will soon be turkey time. If you are looking for a different way to prepare your turkey feast or just need help making the meal just a little better, Butterball, the turkey people, have some helpful ideas. (2001-11)
Butterball turkeys  (keywords: Cooking, generalFood, general)
Are you planning a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant? You can make your reservations online, check ratings of how others feel about a restaurant, and find pricing information. (2001-11)
Open Table  (keywords: Restaurants)
Is your great room only so so? Is it time to find some new furniture? Check out this site for several different manufacturers. Once you select the brand you can browse through pictures of the different items, check the price, and even find a location that you will be able to purchase it. (2001-11)
Find a good price for a nights lodging at the following sites. Hotel discounts even guarantees the lowest price or it will refund you the difference. But watch their cancellation policy. (2001-11)
Places to stay  (keywords: Hotels motels)
Do you need a map to get you around? Whether you are trying to get across town or across country, this site will help make it a little easier to get there. (2001-11)
Map Quest  (keywords: Maps, generalTravel, general)
Metro Planet is a site that has mass transit maps for the world's major cities, with descriptions, photos, fares, history (2001-11)
A great guide from sports events to music around the world. Browse for events in cities, countries, or continents. (2001-11)
Are you looking for some unusual things to see on your next vacation? This site will get you to wacky attractions such as Jimmy Carter peanut, the world's largest chair, the world's largest cherry pie, and the world's largest stove. (2001-11)
Now that you are there, what do you do? Try Lonely Planet for off the beaten track locales. There are also links to many other sites. (2001-11)
Lonely Planet  (keywords: Travel, general)
For information regarding international travel safety and travel information, visit the U.S. State Department. (2001-11)
Get current computer news and information from Computer User. (2001-11)
Computer User  (keywords: Computers, general)
What is going on with your favorite celebrity? Well now you can find out. You will be able to get the latest breaking news on what is going on in the entertainment world. Check out what is going on in the lives of the stars and what is happening with their careers. (2001-11)
Page six  (keywords: Charities)
Now for the news from your local supermarket check out tabloids. (2001-11)
Weekly World News  (keywords: Publications)
Cancer is something that can effect anyone at any time. This site handles difficult issues with intelligent information. This site will provide information to those newly diagnosed about treatment options and side effects. There are links that will get you in contact with support groups. The site is also full of statistics, drug information and self risk assessments. (2001-11)
Phobia list  (keywords: Medical, general)
At the Cigna web site you will find calculators that you can use for determining retirement income, 401K, college funding, present and future value, and many other calculators for use in determining your financial needs. (2001-11)
Cigna  (keywords: Retirement, general)
Here is a good site to use if you are looking for area codes. Codes are available in alpha and numeric order. The problem with this site is that it has not been updated in 6 months so you won't find 586 listed. (2001-11)
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