Web Page Reviews - 2007 - November

Like the pong game, but in a 3D environment. (2007-11)
Curveball  (keywords: Games, online)
Otters 'holding hands'. (2007-11)
Otters  (keywords: Animals, general)
Source for high-quality classic car pictures, wallpapers, and information. (2007-11)
Serious wheels  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Pictures of kittens. (2007-11)
Micro history: prehistory to today - maps and bits of history since 60,000 BC and country profiles. (2007-11)
Micro history  (keywords: History, general)
Enter zip code to find Halloween events in your neighborhood. (2007-11)
Googhoul  (keywords: Holidays, Halloween)
Interactive map to Partridge Creek , a Macomb County, MI shopping location. (2007-11)
Partridge Creek  (keywords: Local, generalShopping, mall)
Hundreds of high-quality natural scenery photos. (2007-11)
Alpics  (keywords: Photography, nature)
Instructions and tips on troubleshooting and repairing or recycling household things that break. (2007-11)
Fixit club  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Michigan Item Pricing Law - don't get cheated at the register, but know the rules. (2007-11)
Item Pricing Law  (keywords: Government, generalLaw, shoppingLocal, generalShopping, general)
Create and play back melodies on keyboard or with mouse. (2007-11)
Musipedia  (keywords: Music, online)
View relative sizes and paths of solar system planets. Change time, speed, scales, orbits, centered planet, and much more with which to play. (2007-11)
Planet size  (keywords: Astronomy, generalSpace, planets)
Uniquely flashed images of the abandoned West - ghost towns, abandoned military sites, aircraft, and vehicles. (2007-11)
Lost America  (keywords: Photography, historyPhotography, scenery)
Browse archive of 2700 TV theme tunes and a game to test your knowledge of TV show theme tunes (click on GAME). (2007-11)
TV tunes 2  (keywords: Television, tunes)
View the Earth from any of over 1000 satellites orbiting at various altitudes. (2007-11)
Views from satellites  (keywords: Astronomy, satellitesSpace, satellites)
A script you can use to reduce quantity of unwanted telemarketer calls. (2007-11)
Junk busters  (keywords: Telephones, telemarketer)
Collection of 25,000 pictures of birds of the Orient. (2007-11)
Oriental birds  (keywords: Animals, birdsPhotography, birds)
Amaze your guests with one of these 12 folded napkin designs, each with a folding video. (2007-11)
Napkin folds  (keywords: CreationsHobbies, generalHome, general)
Select PHOTOS or PLANE FUN for collections of commercial aircraft photos. (2007-11)
Airliners - photos  (keywords: Aircraft, generalAirline, generalMilitary, generalPhotography, general)
Art with eggs. (2007-11)
Art with eggs  (keywords: Art, sculpture)
Dozens of high-quality photos of animals. (2007-11)
Photos of progress from egg to chicken. (2007-11)
Egg to chicken  (keywords: Animals, birthPhotography, animals)
View old TV commercials, TV show clips, movie trailers, and music videos from the 20th century. (2007-11)
Old TV  (keywords: Television, general)
Choose from over 2000 wallpaper images for your PC. (2007-11)
Wallpapers  (keywords: Windows, wallpaper)
Save your money - most expensive items in various categories. (2007-11)
Most expensive  (keywords: Finances, generalShopping, general)
Old versions of 191 programs. (2007-11)
Old apps  (keywords: Software, general)
Some coin manipulation tricks with video accompaniment. (2007-11)
Unwind an entangled web so that no lines cross each other. Multiple levels of play. (2007-11)
Lines crossing  (keywords: Games, online)
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