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How to describe your problem to a PC repair professional. (2016-12)
Describe your PC problems  (keywords: Computers, help)
Several hundred articles explaining topics of computer hardware, software, internet, security. (2007-04)
How computers work  (keywords: Computers, help)
WinXP, MS Office, Open Office, web graphics, Linux computer books based on pictures, not text. Free samples. (2006-09)
Tutorials by pictures  (keywords: Computers, helpPCs, help)
A Western US periodical with many valuable PC articles. Past issues in 'Archive' section (PDF format). (2005-04)
Computer Edge Online  (keywords: Computers, helpComputers, info)
How To Guides on upgrading to XP SP2 using msconfig and disabling Windows Messenger Service. (2005-01)
Net squirrel  (keywords: Computers, helpWindows, WinXP)
Online tests check your PC for security risks, Windows configuration issues, and performance problems. Clear, detailed analysis of your PCs health and performance. A great opportunity for a free PC check up! (2004-12)
PC Pit Stop  (keywords: Computers, helpComputers, infoPCs, security)
McAfee's Internet Connection Speedometer. Are you getting the speed for which you are paying? (2004-06)
McAfee - internet speedometer  (keywords: Computers, helpInternet, general)
Your PC malfunctions because it is missing a key .DLL file? Look here for it. (2004-06)
DLL files  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
How to totally defrag your hard drive. (2004-05)
Data Dock Torn - US  (keywords: Computers, help)
The File Extension Resource offers searchable alphabetical listing of file extensions. Also check FAQ link for answers to common basic Windows confusions. (2004-04)
File Extension Source  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
This file extension source contains a detailed database of file extensions and programs that use them. Searchable. (2003-09)
File Extension Source  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
If you are having trouble with one of your household appliances, you can get assistance in making the repair yourself from the Repair Clinic. This site will give information on repairing 16 different appliances from refrigerators, stoves, and dish washers to washing machines. (2003-03)
Repair Clinic  (keywords: Computers, help)
This site claims the web's largest PC help directory consisting of tools to tune up your computer, virus and bug protection, and various tips and tricks as well as "resources for thousands of products" (drivers, patches, upgrades, configuration help, FAQs, etc.). (2000-06)
My Help Desk  (keywords: Computers, help)
Your incoming email messages look like hieroglyphics. Your browser crashes as you load an audio file at your favorite John Tesh site. Wazzamatta??? "No Wonder" is a free web based service, boasting over 800 on call tech support volunteers to respond to your tech questions in 48 hours. (Maybe switch to Yanni?) (1999-10)
No wonder  (keywords: Computers, help)

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